Jonna Nilsson
Jonna Nilsson
Assistant Professor, Karolinska Institutet
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LSD‐induced entropic brain activity predicts subsequent personality change
AV Lebedev, M Kaelen, M Lövdén, J Nilsson, A Feilding, DJ Nutt, ...
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Direct-current stimulation does little to improve the outcome of working memory training in older adults
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Naming is not explaining: future directions for the “cognitive reserve” and “brain maintenance” theories
J Nilsson, M Lövdén
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Neurocognitive intra-individual variability in mood disorders: effects on attentional response time distributions
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Education does not affect cognitive decline in aging: a Bayesian assessment of the association between education and change in cognitive performance
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The interrelationship between attentional and executive deficits in major depressive disorder
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Working memory and reasoning benefit from different modes of large-scale brain dynamics in healthy older adults
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Lessons from a pilot and feasibility randomised trial in depression (Blood pressure Rapid Intensive Lowering And Normal Treatment for Mood and cognition in persistent …
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You and I in Sweden-Swedish and Finland-Swedish supervision meetings
S Henricson, M Nelson, C Wide, C Norrby, J Nilsson, J Lindström
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How does intentionality of encoding affect memory for episodic information?
M Craig, K Butterworth, J Nilsson, CJ Hamilton, P Gallagher, TV Smulders
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Negative BOLD response in the hippocampus during short-term spatial memory retrieval
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Acute increases in brain-derived neurotrophic factor in plasma following physical exercise relates to subsequent learning in older adults
J Nilsson, Ö Ekblom, M Ekblom, A Lebedev, O Tarassova, M Moberg, ...
Scientific reports 10 (1), 1-15, 2020
No evidence that foreign language learning in older age improves cognitive ability: A randomized controlled study
R Berggren, J Nilsson, Y Brehmer, F Schmiedek, M Lövdén
DOI: https://doi. org/10.31219/osf. io/8y4ga, 2018
No evidence that foreign language learning in old age improves cognitive function: A randomized controlled study
R Berggren, J Nilsson, Y Brehmer, F Schmiedek, M Lövdén
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Effects of daily L-dopa administration on learning and brain structure in older adults undergoing cognitive training: a randomised clinical trial
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Foreign language learning in older age does not improve memory or intelligence: Evidence from a randomized controlled study.
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Criterion validity of the Ekblom-Bak and the Åstrand submaximal test in an elderly population
D Väisänen, Ö Ekblom, E Ekblom-Bak, E Andersson, J Nilsson, M Ekblom
European Journal of Applied Physiology 120 (2), 307-316, 2020
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