Alexander Mazanik
Alexander Mazanik
Belarusian State University, Faculty of Physics, Energy Physics Department
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Dynamics of photo-induced degradation of perovskite photovoltaics: from reversible to irreversible processes
M Khenkin, I Visoly-Fisher, S Kolusheva, Y Galagan, F Di Giacomo, ...
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Determination of solar cell parameters from its current–voltage and spectral characteristics
M Tivanov, A Patryn, N Drozdov, A Fedotov, A Mazanik
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Structure and electrical properties of CoFeZr-aluminium oxide nanocomposite films
AM Saad, AV Mazanik, YE Kalinin, J Fedotova, AK Fedotov, S Wrotek, ...
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Silver nanostructures formation in porous Si/SiO2 matrix
V Sivakov, EY Kaniukov, AV Petrov, OV Korolik, AV Mazanik, ...
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Characterization of (Co0.45Fe0.45Zr0.10)x(Al2O3)1–x nanocomposite films applicable as spintronic materials
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Electrochemical deposition of nanocrystalline PbSe layers onto pSi (100) wafers
DK Ivanou, EA Streltsov, AK Fedotov, AV Mazanik
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Giant Incident Photon-to-Current Conversion with Photoconductivity Gain on Nanostructured Bismuth Oxysulfide Photoelectrodes under Visible-Light Illumination
EA Bondarenko, EA Streltsov, MV Malashchonak, AV Mazanik, AI Kulak, ...
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Band-gap and sub-band-gap photoelectrochemical processes at nanocrystalline CdS grown on ZnO by successive ionic layer adsorption and reaction method
MV Malashchonak, ЕА Streltsov, AV Mazanik, AI Kulak, SK Poznyak, ...
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Influence of wide band gap oxide substrates on the photoelectrochemical properties and structural disorder of CdS nanoparticles grown by the successive ionic layer adsorption …
MV Malashchonak, AV Mazanik, OV Korolik, ЕА Streltsov, AI Kulak
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AC conductance of (Co0.45Fe0.45Zr0.10)X(Al2O3)1−X nanocomposites
A Saad, AK Fedotov, IA Svito, AV Mazanik, BV Andrievsky, AA Patryn, ...
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New Insight on Open‐Structured Sodium Vanadium Oxide as High‐Capacity and Long Life Cathode for Zn–Ion Storage: Structure, Electrochemistry, and First‐Principles Calculation
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Electrodeposited Ni–Co–B Alloy Coatings: Preparation and Properties
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Eu modified Cu2O thin films: Significant enhancement in efficiency of photoelectrochemical processes through suppression of charge carrier recombination
S Shyamal, P Hajra, H Mandal, A Bera, D Sariket, AK Satpati, ...
Chemical Engineering Journal 335, 676-684, 2018
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