Stephane Herbette
Stephane Herbette
Université Clermont Auvergne
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Genome-wide transcriptome profiling of the early cadmium response of Arabidopsis roots and shoots
S Herbette, L Taconnat, V Hugouvieux, L Piette, MLM Magniette, S Cuine, ...
Biochimie 88 (11), 1751-1765, 2006
Methods for measuring plant vulnerability to cavitation: a critical review
H Cochard, E Badel, S Herbette, S Delzon, B Choat, S Jansen
Journal of Experimental Botany 64 (15), 4779-4791, 2013
Putative role of aquaporins in variable hydraulic conductance of leaves in response to light
H Cochard, JS Venisse, TS Barigah, N Brunel, S Herbette, A Guilliot, ...
Plant physiology 143 (1), 122-133, 2007
Seleno‐independent glutathione peroxidases: More than simple antioxidant scavengers
S Herbette, P Roeckel‐Drevet, JR Drevet
The FEBS journal 274 (9), 2163-2180, 2007
Two GPX‐like proteins from Lycopersicon esculentum and Helianthus annuus are antioxidant enzymes with phospholipid hydroperoxide glutathione peroxidase …
S Herbette, C Lenne, N Leblanc, JL Julien, JR Drevet, P Roeckel‐Drevet
European Journal of Biochemistry 269 (9), 2414-2420, 2002
Water stress-induced xylem hydraulic failure is a causal factor of tree mortality in beech and poplar
TS Barigah, O Charrier, M Douris, M Bonhomme, S Herbette, T Améglio, ...
Annals of Botany 112 (7), 1431-1437, 2013
Embolism resistance as a key mechanism to understand adaptive plant strategies
F Lens, A Tixier, H Cochard, JS Sperry, S Jansen, S Herbette
Current Opinion in Plant Biology 16 (3), 287-292, 2013
Genotypic variability and phenotypic plasticity of cavitation resistance in Fagus sylvatica L. across Europe
R Wortemann, S Herbette, TS Barigah, B Fumanal, R Alia, A Ducousso, ...
Tree physiology 31 (11), 1175-1182, 2011
Does sample length influence the shape of xylem embolism vulnerability curves? A test with the Cavitron spinning technique
H Cochard, S Herbette, T Barigah, E Badel, M Ennajeh, A Vilagrosa
Plant, Cell & Environment 33 (9), 1543-1552, 2010
Poplar vulnerability to xylem cavitation acclimates to drier soil conditions
H Awad, T Barigah, E Badel, H Cochard, S Herbette
Physiologia Plantarum 139 (3), 280-288, 2010
New insights into the mechanisms of water-stress-induced cavitation in conifers
H Cochard, T Holtta, S Herbette, S Delzon, M Mencuccini
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The effects of sap ionic composition on xylem vulnerability to cavitation
H Cochard, S Herbette, E Hernández, T Hölttä, M Mencuccini
Journal of experimental botany 61 (1), 275-285, 2010
Insights into xylem vulnerability to cavitation in Fagus sylvatica L.: phenotypic and environmental sources of variability
S Herbette, R Wortemann, H Awad, R Huc, H Cochard, TS Barigah
Tree physiology 30 (11), 1448-1455, 2010
Transcripts of sunflower antioxidant scavengers of the SOD and GPX families accumulate differentially in response to downy mildew infection, phytohormones, reactive oxygen …
S Herbette, C Lenne, DT De Labrouhe, JR Drevet, P Roeckel‐Drevet
Physiologia Plantarum 119 (3), 418-428, 2003
Calcium is a major determinant of xylem vulnerability to cavitation
S Herbette, H Cochard
Plant Physiology 153 (4), 1932-1939, 2010
Modelling the mechanical behaviour of pit membranes in bordered pits with respect to cavitation resistance in angiosperms
A Tixier, S Herbette, S Jansen, M Capron, P Tordjeman, H Cochard, ...
Annals of botany 114 (2), 325-334, 2014
Arabidopsis thaliana as a model species for xylem hydraulics: does size matter?
A Tixier, H Cochard, E Badel, A Dusotoit-Coucaud, S Jansen, S Herbette
Journal of experimental botany 64 (8), 2295-2305, 2013
Transgenic tomatoes showing higher glutathione peroxydase antioxidant activity are more resistant to an abiotic stress but more susceptible to biotic stresses
S Herbette, DT de Labrouhe, JR Drevet, P Roeckel-Drevet
Plant Science 180 (3), 548-553, 2011
Immunolabelling of intervessel pits for polysaccharides and lignin helps in understanding their hydraulic properties in Populus tremula × alba
S Herbette, B Bouchet, N Brunel, E Bonnin, H Cochard, F Guillon
Annals of Botany 115 (2), 187-199, 2015
No trade-off between hydraulic and mechanical properties in several transgenic poplars modified for lignins metabolism
H Awad, S Herbette, N Brunel, A Tixier, G Pilate, H Cochard, E Badel
Environmental and Experimental Botany 77, 185-195, 2012
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