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Zhimin Ao
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MoS2/Graphene Composite Anodes with Enhanced Performance for Sodium‐Ion Batteries: The Role of the Two‐Dimensional Heterointerface
X Xie, Z Ao, D Su, J Zhang, G Wang
Advanced Functional Materials 25 (9), 1393-1403, 2015
Nitrogen-doped graphene for generation and evolution of reactive radicals by metal-free catalysis
X Duan, Z Ao, H Sun, S Indrawirawan, Y Wang, J Kang, F Liang, ZH Zhu, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 7 (7), 4169-4178, 2015
Enhancement of CO detection in Al doped graphene
ZM Ao, J Yang, S Li, Q Jiang
Chemical Physics Letters 461 (4-6), 276-279, 2008
Occurrence of radical and nonradical pathways from carbocatalysts for aqueous and nonaqueous catalytic oxidation
X Duan, Z Ao, L Zhou, H Sun, G Wang, S Wang
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 188, 98-105, 2016
Al doped graphene: a promising material for hydrogen storage at room temperature
ZM Ao, Q Jiang, RQ Zhang, TT Tan, S Li
Journal of Applied Physics 105 (7), 074307, 2009
High-capacity hydrogen storage in Al-adsorbed graphene
ZM Ao, FM Peeters
Physical Review B 81 (20), 205406, 2010
Unveiling the active sites of graphene-catalyzed peroxymonosulfate activation
X Duan, H Sun, Z Ao, L Zhou, G Wang, S Wang
Carbon 107, 371-378, 2016
Insights into N-doping in single-walled carbon nanotubes for enhanced activation of superoxides: a mechanistic study
X Duan, Z Ao, H Sun, L Zhou, G Wang, S Wang
Chemical Communications 51 (83), 15249-15252, 2015
Activation of peroxymonosulfate by carbonaceous oxygen groups: experimental and density functional theory calculations
Y Wang, Z Ao, H Sun, X Duan, S Wang
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 198, 295-302, 2016
Topotactic transformation of metal–organic frameworks to graphene-encapsulated transition-metal nitrides as efficient Fenton-like catalysts
X Li, Z Ao, J Liu, H Sun, AI Rykov, J Wang
ACS nano 10 (12), 11532-11540, 2016
Microwave-assisted Synthesis of Mesoporous Co3O4 Nanoflakes for Applications in Lithium Ion Batteries and Oxygen Evolution Reactions
S Chen, Y Zhao, B Sun, Z Ao, X Xie, Y Wei, G Wang
ACS applied materials & interfaces 7 (5), 3306-3313, 2015
Density functional theory calculations on the CO catalytic oxidation on Al-embedded graphene
QG Jiang, ZM Ao, S Li, Z Wen
Rsc Advances 4 (39), 20290-20296, 2014
Nanodiamonds in sp2/sp3 configuration for radical to nonradical oxidation: Core-shell layer dependence
X Duan, Z Ao, H Zhang, M Saunders, H Sun, Z Shao, S Wang
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 222, 176-181, 2018
Core-shell magnetic Fe3O4@ Zn/Co-ZIFs to activate peroxymonosulfate for highly efficient degradation of carbamazepine
Z Wu, Y Wang, Z Xiong, Z Ao, S Pu, G Yao, B Lai
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 277, 119136, 2020
Electric field activated hydrogen dissociative adsorption to nitrogen-doped graphene
ZM Ao, FM Peeters
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 114 (34), 14503-14509, 2010
Surface-tailored nanodiamonds as excellent metal-free catalysts for organic oxidation
X Duan, Z Ao, D Li, H Sun, L Zhou, A Suvorova, M Saunders, G Wang, ...
Carbon 103, 404-411, 2016
Electric field: A catalyst for hydrogenation of graphene
ZM Ao, FM Peeters
Applied Physics Letters 96 (25), 253106, 2010
Reversible hydrophobic to hydrophilic transition in graphene via water splitting induced by UV irradiation
Z Xu, Z Ao, D Chu, A Younis, CM Li, S Li
Scientific reports 4 (1), 1-9, 2014
Degradation of cosmetic microplastics via functionalized carbon nanosprings
J Kang, L Zhou, X Duan, H Sun, Z Ao, S Wang
Matter 1 (3), 745-758, 2019
Phosphorous doped carbon nitride nanobelts for photodegradation of emerging contaminants and hydrogen evolution
S Wang, F He, X Zhao, J Zhang, Z Ao, H Wu, Y Yin, L Shi, X Xu, C Zhao, ...
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 257, 117931, 2019
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