Niina Haiminen
Niina Haiminen
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The genome sequence of the most widely cultivated cacao type and its use to identify candidate genes regulating pod color
JC Motamayor, K Mockaitis, J Schmutz, N Haiminen, D Livingstone III, ...
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GenomicTools: a computational platform for developing high-throughput analytics in genomics
A Tsirigos, N Haiminen, E Bilal, F Utro
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Evaluation of methods for de novo genome assembly from high-throughput sequencing reads reveals dependencies that affect the quality of the results
N Haiminen, DN Kuhn, L Parida, I Rigoutsos
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Randomization methods for assessing data analysis results on real‐valued matrices
M Ojala, N Vuokko, A Kallio, N Haiminen, H Mannila
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Comparing segmentations by applying randomization techniques
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Human skin, oral, and gut microbiomes predict chronological age
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Randomization of real-valued matrices for assessing the significance of data mining results
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Application of genome wide association and genomic prediction for improvement of cacao productivity and resistance to black and frosty pod diseases
JA Romero Navarro, W Phillips-Mora, A Arciniegas-Leal, A Mata-Quirós, ...
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Determining significance of pairwise co-occurrences of events in bursty sequences
N Haiminen, H Mannila, E Terzi
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Discovering isochores by least-squares optimal segmentation
N Haiminen, H Mannila
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Unimodal segmentation of sequences
N Haiminen, A Gionis
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Bacterial modification of the host glycosaminoglycan heparan sulfate modulates SARS-CoV-2 infectivity
C Martino, BP Kellman, DR Sandoval, TM Clausen, CA Marotz, SJ Song, ...
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Sequencing of a QTL-rich region of the Theobroma cacao genome using pooled BACs and the identification of trait specific candidate genes
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Assessing pooled BAC and whole genome shotgun strategies for assembly of complex genomes
N Haiminen, FA Feltus, L Parida
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Comparative exomics of Phalaris cultivars under salt stress
N Haiminen, M Klaas, Z Zhou, F Utro, P Cormican, T Didion, CS Jensen, ...
BMC genomics 15 (6), 1-12, 2014
Randomization techniques for assessing the significance of gene periodicity results
A Kallio, N Vuokko, M Ojala, N Haiminen, H Mannila
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Food authentication from shotgun sequencing reads with an application on high protein powders
N Haiminen, S Edlund, D Chambliss, M Kunitomi, BC Weimer, B Ganesan, ...
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iXora: exact haplotype inferencing and trait association
F Utro, N Haiminen, D Livingstone, OE Cornejo, S Royaert, RJ Schnell, ...
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Algorithms for unimodal segmentation with applications to unimodality detection
N Haiminen, A Gionis, K Laasonen
Knowledge and information systems 14 (1), 39-57, 2008
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