Benjamin Conley
Benjamin Conley
Engineer, US Navy
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Direct-bandgap GeSn grown on silicon with 2230 nm photoluminescence
SA Ghetmiri, W Du, J Margetis, A Mosleh, L Cousar, BR Conley, ...
Applied Physics Letters 105 (15), 151109, 2014
System and method for providing access to electronic works
JW DeRose, AT Van Zoest, MJ DiMeo, BM Degenhardt, CL Sismondo, ...
US Patent 7,376,581, 2008
Room-temperature electroluminescence from Ge/Ge1-xSnx/Ge diodes on Si substrates
W Du, Y Zhou, SA Ghetmiri, A Mosleh, BR Conley, A Nazzal, RA Soref, ...
Applied Physics Letters 104 (24), 241110, 2014
Temperature dependent spectral response and detectivity of GeSn photoconductors on silicon for short wave infrared detection
BR Conley, A Mosleh, SA Ghetmiri, W Du, RA Soref, G Sun, J Margetis, ...
Optics express 22 (13), 15639-15652, 2014
Competition of optical transitions between direct and indirect bandgaps in Ge1−xSnx
W Du, SA Ghetmiri, BR Conley, A Mosleh, A Nazzal, RA Soref, G Sun, ...
Applied Physics Letters 105 (5), 051104, 2014
Growth and characterization of epitaxial Ge1-XSnx alloys and heterostructures using a commercial CVD system
J Margetis, SA Ghetmiri, W Du, BR Conley, A Mosleh, R Soref, G Sun, ...
ECS Transactions 64 (6), 711, 2014
Material Characterization of Ge1−xSnx Alloys Grown by a Commercial CVD System for Optoelectronic Device Applications
A Mosleh, SA Ghetmiri, BR Conley, M Hawkridge, M Benamara, A Nazzal, ...
Journal of electronic materials 43 (4), 938-946, 2014
Si based GeSn photoconductors with a 1.63 A/W peak responsivity and a 2.4 μm long-wavelength cutoff
BR Conley, J Margetis, W Du, H Tran, A Mosleh, SA Ghetmiri, J Tolle, ...
Applied Physics Letters 105 (22), 221117, 2014
Si-based Ge0. 9Sn0. 1 photodetector with peak responsivity of 2.85 A/W and longwave cutoff at 2.4 μm
TN Pham, W Du, BR Conley, J Margetis, G Sun, RA Soref, J Tolle, B Li, ...
Electronics letters 51 (11), 854-856, 2015
Shortwave-infrared photoluminescence from Ge1−xSnx thin films on silicon
SA Ghetmiri, W Du, BR Conley, A Mosleh, A Nazzal, G Sun, RA Soref, ...
Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B, Nanotechnology and …, 2014
Investigation on the formation and propagation of defects in GeSn thin films
A Mosleh, M Benamara, SA Ghetmiri, BR Conley, MA Alher, W Du, G Sun, ...
ECS Transactions 64 (6), 895, 2014
High efficiency MJ solar cells and TPV using SiGeSn materials
BR Conley, H Naseem, G Sun, P Sharps, SQ Yu
2012 38th IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference, 001189-001192, 2012
Stability of pseudomorphic and compressively strained Ge1-XSnx thin films under rapid thermal annealing
BR Conley, A Mosleh, SA Ghetmiri, W Du, G Sun, R Soref, J Margetis, ...
ECS Transactions 64 (6), 881, 2014
Investigation of growth mechanism and role of H2 in very low temperature Si epitaxy
A Mosleh, SA Ghetmiri, BR Conley, HH Abu-Safe, M Benamara, Z Waqar, ...
ECS Transactions 64 (6), 967-975, 2014
Infrared spectral response of a GeSn pin photodiode on Si
BR Conley, Y Zhou, A Mosleh, SA Ghetmiri, W Du, RA Soref, G Sun, ...
11th International Conference on Group IV Photonics (GFP), 17-18, 2014
CVD growth of Ge1−xSnxusing large scale Si process for higher efficient multi-junction solar cells
BR Conley, A Mosleh, SA Ghetmiri, HA Naseem, J Tolle, SQ Yu
2013 IEEE 39th Photovoltaic Specialists Conference (PVSC), 1346-1349, 2013
Temperature-dependent characterization of G0. 94Sn0. 06 light-emitting diode grown on si via CVD
SA Ghetmiri, W Du, Y Zhou, J Margetis, T Pham, A Mosleh, BR Conley, ...
CLEO: Applications and Technology, ATu1J. 6, 2015
GeSn Devices for Short-Wave Infrared Optoelectronics
BR Conley
Nucleation-step study of silicon homoepitaxy for low-temperature fabrication of Si solar cells
A Mosleh, SA Ghetmiri, BR Conley, H Abu-Safe, Z Waqar, M Benamara, ...
2013 IEEE 39th Photovoltaic Specialists Conference (PVSC), 2646-2650, 2013
Enhanced responsivity up to 2.85 A/W of Si-based Ge0. 9Sn0. 1 photoconductors by integration of interdigitated electrodes
T Pham, BR Conley, J Margetis, H Tran, SA Ghetmiri, A Mosleh, W Du, ...
CLEO: Science and Innovations, STh1I. 7, 2015
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