Celia M. Rodriguez-Dominguez
Celia M. Rodriguez-Dominguez
Posdoctoral Researcher
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Most stomatal closure in woody species under moderate drought can be explained by stomatal responses to leaf turgor
CM Rodriguez‐Dominguez, TN Buckley, G Egea, A de Cires, ...
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JE Fernández, A Perez-Martin, JM Torres-Ruiz, MV Cuevas, ...
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Vulnerability to cavitation in Olea europaea current‐year shoots: further evidence of an open‐vessel artifact associated with centrifuge and air‐injection techniques
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Mapping xylem failure in disparate organs of whole plants reveals extreme resistance in olive roots
CM Rodriguez‐Dominguez, MR Carins Murphy, C Lucani, TJ Brodribb
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The dynamics of radial sap flux density reflects changes in stomatal conductance in response to soil and air water deficit
V Hernández-Santana, JE Fernández, CM Rodriguez-Dominguez, ...
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Role of leaf hydraulic conductance in the regulation of stomatal conductance in almond and olive in response to water stress
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Declining root water transport drives stomatal closure in olive under moderate water stress
CM Rodriguez‐Dominguez, TJ Brodribb
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Water status, gas exchange and crop performance in a super high density olive orchard under deficit irrigation scheduled from leaf turgor measurements
CM Padilla-Díaz, CM Rodriguez-Dominguez, V Hernandez-Santana, ...
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The olive tree under water stress: fitting the pieces of response mechanisms in the crop performance puzzle
A Diaz-Espejo, JE Fernández, JM Torres-Ruiz, ...
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Visual and hydraulic techniques produce similar estimates of cavitation resistance in woody species
A Gauthey, JMR Peters, MR Carins‐Murphy, CM Rodriguez‐Dominguez, ...
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Sensitivity of olive leaf turgor to air vapour pressure deficit correlates with diurnal maximum stomatal conductance
CM Rodriguez-Dominguez, V Hernandez-Santana, TN Buckley, ...
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Vulnerability to cavitation in Olea europaea current-year shoots: more support to the open-vessel artefact with centrifuge and air-injection techniques
JM Torres-Ruiz, H Cochard, S Mayr, B Beikircher, A Diaz-Espejo, ...
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Hydraulic traits emerge as relevant determinants of growth patterns in wild olive genotypes under water stress
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Classification models for automatic identification of daily states from leaf turgor related measurements in olive
RDM Fernandes, MV Cuevas, V Hernandez-Santana, ...
Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 142, 181-189, 2017
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