Andrzej Smolarz
Andrzej Smolarz
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Information Technology in Medical Diagnostics
W Wójcik, A Smolarz
CRC Press, 2017
Chemiluminescence monitoring in premixed flames of natural gas and its blends with hydrogen
J Ballester, R Hernández, A Sanz, A Smolarz, J Barroso, A Pina
Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 32 (2), 2983-2991, 2009
Laser photoplethysmography in integrated evaluation of collateral circulation of lower extremities
SV Pavlov, SV Sander, TI Kozlovska, AS Kaminsky, W Wojcik, ...
Optical Fibers and Their Applications 2012 8698, 869808, 2013
Pressure transducer of the on the basis of reactive properties of transistor structure with negative resistance
AV Osadchuk, IA Osadchuk, A Smolarz, N Kussambayeva
Optical Fibers and Their Applications 2015 9816, 98161C, 2015
Method of anti-aliasing with the use of the new pixel model
ON Romanyuk, SV Pavlov, OV Melnyk, SO Romanyuk, A Smolarz, ...
Optical Fibers and Their Applications 2015 9816, 981617, 2015
Advanced diagnostics of industrial pulverized coal burner using optical methods and artificial intelligence
A Smolarz, A Kotyra, W Wojcik, J Ballester
Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science 43, 82-89, 2012
Method of glitch reduction in DAC with weight redundancy
OD Azarov, OG Murashchenko, OI Chernyak, A Smolarz, G Kashaganova
Optical Fibers and Their Applications 2015 9816, 98161T, 2015
Chemiluminescence-based sensing of flame stoichiometry: Influence of the measurement method
T García-Armingol, J Ballester, A Smolarz
Measurement 46 (9), 3084-3097, 2013
Assessment of biomass-coal co-combustion on the basis of flame image
A Kotyra, W Wojcik, K Gromaszek, A Smolarz, K Jagiełło
Przegląd Elektrotechniczny 88 (11b), 241-243, 2012
Method of correcting of the tracking ADC with weight redundancy conversion characteristic
OD Azarov, OV Dudnyk, OV Kaduk, A Smolarz, A Burlibay
Optical Fibers and Their Applications 2015 9816, 98161V, 2015
Modification of fractal coding algorithm by a combination of modern technologies and parallel computations
RN Kvyetnyy, OY Sofina, AV Lozun, A Smolarz, O Zhirnova
Optical Fibers and Their Applications 2015 9816, 98161R, 2015
Optical methods and artificial intelligence in diagnostics of industrial pulverized coal burner
A Smolarz, K Gromaszek, W Wojcik, P Popiel
Przeglad Elektrotechniczny 88 (9), 259-261, 2012
Application of forcasting algorithms in the optical fiber coal dust burner monitoring system
W Wojcik, T Bieganski, A Kotyra, A Smolarz
Technology and Applications of Light Guides 3189, 100-109, 1997
Improving the quality perception of digital images using modified method of the eye aberration correction
R Kvyetnyy, O Sofina, P Orlyk, AJ Utreras, A Smolarz, W Wójcik, ...
Photonics Applications in Astronomy, Communications, Industry, and High …, 2016
Laser polarization fluorescence of the networks of optically anisotropic biological crystals
YA Ushenko, AV Dubolazov, AP Angelsky, MI Sidor, GB Bodnar, G Koval, ...
Optical Fibers and Their Applications 2012 8698, 869809, 2013
Fuzzy controller for a lean premixed burner
A Smolarz, W Wojcik, J Ballester, R Hernandez, A Sanz, T Golec
Przegląd Elektrotechniczny 86, 287-289, 2010
Optically powered system for automatic protection of a fiber segment
Z Lach, A Smolarz, W Wójcik, A Tymecki
Przegląd Elektrotechniczny 84, 259-262, 2008
Power supply via optical fibre in home telematic networks
W Wójcik, Z Lach, A Smolarz, T Zyska
Przegląd Elektrotechniczny 84, 277-279, 2008
Optical fiber system for combustion quality analysis in power boilers
W Wojcik, W Surtel, A Smolarz, A Kotyra, P Komada
Selected Papers from the International Conference on Optoelectronic …, 2001
Intelligent system structure for Web resources processing and analysis
V Lytvyn, V Vysotska, L Chyrun, A Smolarz, O Naum
Computational linguistics andintelligent systems (COLINS 2017), 2017
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