Arkadii Krokhin
Arkadii Krokhin
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Localization and the mobility edge in one-dimensional potentials with correlated disorder
FM Izrailev, AA Krokhin
Physical review letters 82 (20), 4062-4065, 1999
Experimental observation of the mobility edge in a waveguide with correlated disorder
U Kuhl, FM Izrailev, AA Krokhin, HJ Stöckmann
Applied Physics Letters 77, 633, 2000
Anomalous localization in low-dimensional systems with correlated disorder
FM Izrailev, AA Krokhin, NM Makarov
Physics Reports, 2011
Photonic crystal optics and homogenization of 2D periodic composites
P Halevi, AA Krokhin, J Arriaga
Physical review letters 82 (4), 719-722, 1999
Chaotic electron diffusion through stochastic webs enhances current flow in superlattices
TM Fromhold, A Patane, S Bujkiewicz, PB Wilkinson, D Fowler, ...
Nature 428 (6984), 726-730, 2004
Speed of sound in periodic elastic composites
AA Krokhin, J Arriaga, LN Gumen
Physical review letters 91 (26), 264302, 2003
Long-wavelength limit (homogenization) for two-dimensional photonic crystals
AA Krokhin, P Halevi, J Arriaga
Physical Review B 65 (11), 115208, 2002
Mobility edge in aperiodic Kronig-Penney potentials with correlated disorder: Perturbative approach
FM Izrailev, AA Krokhin, SE Ulloa
Physical Review B 63 (4), 041102, 2001
Effects of stochastic webs on chaotic electron transport in semiconductor superlattices
TM Fromhold, AA Krokhin, CR Tench, S Bujkiewicz, PB Wilkinson, ...
Physical Review Letters 87 (4), 46803, 2001
Enhancement of localization in one-dimensional random potentials with long-range correlations
U Kuhl, FM Izrailev, AA Krokhin
Physical review letters 100 (12), 126402, 2008
Band structure and quantum Poincaré sections of a classically chaotic quantum rippled channel
GA Luna-Acosta, K Na, LE Reichl, A Krokhin
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Microwave absorption by an array of carbon nanotubes: A phenomenological model
Z Ye, WD Deering, A Krokhin, JA Roberts
Physical Review B 74 (7), 075425, 2006
Photonic crystals as optical components
P Halevi, AA Krokhin, J Arriaga
Applied physics letters 75, 2725, 1999
Relation between persistent current and band structure of finite-width mesoscopic rings
L Wendler, VM Fomin, AA Krokhin
Physical Review B 50 (7), 4642, 1994
Influence of weak dissipation on the photonic band structure of periodic composites
AA Krokhin, P Halevi
Physical Review B 53 (3), 1205, 1996
Dynamical origin of memory and renewal
R Cakir, P Grigolini, AA Krokhin
Physical Review E 74 (2), 021108, 2006
Classical chaos and ballistic transport in a mesoscopic channel
GA Luna-Acosta, AA Krokhin, MA Rodriguez, PH Hernández-Tejeda
Physical Review B 54 (16), 11410, 1996
Random 1D structures as filters for electrical and optical signals
A Krokhin, F Izrailev, U Kuhl, HJ Stöckmann, SE Ulloa
Physica E: Low-dimensional Systems and Nanostructures 13 (2-4), 695-698, 2002
Surface and waveguide Josephson plasma waves in slabs of layered superconductors
TM Slipchenko, DV Kadygrob, D Bogdanis, VA Yampol'Skii, AA Krokhin
Physical Review B 84 (22), 224512, 2011
Homogenization of magnetodielectric photonic crystals
AA Krokhin, E Reyes
Physical review letters 93 (2), 23904, 2004
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