Miloš Daković
Miloš Daković
Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Montenegro
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Time-frequency signal analysis with applications
L Stankovic, M Daković, T Thayaparan
Artech house, 2014
Signal decomposition by using the S-method with application to the analysis of HF radar signals in sea-clutter
L Stankovic, T Thayaparan, M Dakovic
IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing 54 (11), 4332-4342, 2006
Instantaneous frequency in time–frequency analysis: Enhanced concepts and performance of estimation algorithms
L Stanković, I Djurović, S Stanković, M Simeunović, S Djukanović, ...
Digital Signal Processing 35, 1-13, 2014
Performance of quadratic time-frequency distributions as instantaneous frequency estimators
VN Ivanovic, M Dakovic, L Stankovic
IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing 51 (1), 77-89, 2003
Micro-Doppler removal in the radar imaging analysis
L Stankovic, T Thayaparan, M Dakovic, V Popovic-Bugarin
IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems 49 (2), 1234-1250, 2013
Adaptive variable step algorithm for missing samples recovery in sparse signals
L Stankovic, M Dakovic, S Vujović
IET Signal Processing 8 (3), 246-256, 2014
Real-time motion compensation, image formation and image enhancement of moving targets in ISAR and SAR using S-methodbased approach
T Thayaparan, LJ Stankovic, C Wernik, M Dakovic
IET Signal Processing 2 (3), 247-264, 2008
Time-frequency signal analysis
L Stankovic, M Dakovic, T Thayaparan
Kindle edition, Amazon 655, 655, 2014
Inverse Radon transform based micro-Doppler analysis from a reduced set of observations
L Stankovic, M Dakovic, T Thayaparan, V Popovic-Bugarin
Aerospace and Electronic Systems, IEEE Transactions on 51 (2), 1155-1169, 2015
Mutual interference and low probability of interception capabilities of noise radar
T Thayaparan, M Dakovic, L Stankovic
IET Radar, Sonar & Navigation 2 (4), 294-305, 2008
Instantaneous Frequency Estimation Using the -Transform
L Stankovic, M Dakovic, J Jiang, E Sejdic
Signal Processing Letters, IEEE 15, 309-312, 2008
Gradient-based signal reconstruction algorithm in Hermite transform domain
M Brajović, I Orović, M Daković, S Stanković
Electronics letters 52 (1), 41-43, 2016
Local polynomial Fourier transform receiver for nonstationary interference excision in DSSS communications
S Djukanovic, M Dakovic, L Stankovic
IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing 56 (4), 1627-1636, 2008
On the parameterization of Hermite transform with application to the compression of QRS complexes
M Brajović, I Orović, M Daković, S Stanković
Signal Processing 131, 113-119, 2017
From the STFT to the Wigner distribution [lecture notes]
L Stankovic, S Stankovic, M Dakovic
IEEE Signal Processing Magazine 31 (3), 163-174, 2014
Performance of spectrogram as IF estimator
L Stankovic, M Dakovic, V Ivanovic
Electronics Letters 37 (12), 797-799, 2001
Time-frequency decomposition of multivariate multicomponent signals
L Stanković, D Mandić, M Daković, M Brajović
Signal Processing 142, 468-479, 2018
Vertex-frequency analysis: A way to localize graph spectral components [lecture notes]
L Stankovic, M Dakovic, E Sejdic
IEEE Signal Processing Magazine 34 (4), 176-182, 2017
Separation and reconstruction of the rigid body and micro-Doppler signal in ISAR part I–theory
L Stanković, S Stanković, T Thayaparan, M Daković, I Orović
IET Radar, Sonar & Navigation 9 (9), 1147-1154, 2015
A tutorial on sparse signal reconstruction and its applications in signal processing
L Stanković, E Sejdić, S Stanković, M Daković, I Orović
Circuits, Systems, and Signal Processing 38 (3), 1206-1263, 2019
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