Ya. S. Greenberg
Ya. S. Greenberg
Novosibirsk State Technical University
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Application of superconducting quantum interference devices to nuclear magnetic resonance
YS Greenberg
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Low-frequency characterization of quantum tunneling in flux qubits
YS Greenberg, A Izmalkov, M Grajcar, E Il’ichev, W Krech, HG Meyer, ...
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M Grajcar, A Izmalkov, E Il’Ichev, T Wagner, N Oukhanski, U Hübner, ...
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Nanomechanical resonators
Y Greenberg, YA Pashkin, E Il'ichev
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SN Shevchenko, G Oelsner, YS Greenberg, P Macha, DS Karpov, ...
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Low-frequency Rabi spectroscopy of dissipative two-level systems: Dressed-state approach
YS Greenberg
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Non-Hermitian Hamiltonian approach to the microwave transmission through a one-dimensional qubit chain
YS Greenberg, AA Shtygashev
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Low-frequency Rabi spectroscopy for a dissipative two-level system
YS Greenberg, E Il'ichev, A Izmalkov
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YS Greenberg
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Theory of the voltage–current characteristics of high TC asymmetric DC SQUIDs
YS Greenberg
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Signal amplification in a qubit-resonator system
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Flux qubit as a sensor of magnetic flux
E Il'ichev, YS Greenberg
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Engel structures with trivial characteristic foliations
J Adachi
Algebraic & Geometric Topology 2 (1), 239-255, 2002
Integrated thin film dc RSQUIDs for noise thermometry
S Menkel, D Drung, YS Greenberg, T Schurig
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Quantum signal transmission through a single-qubit chain
YS Greenberg, C Merrigan, A Tayebi, V Zelevinsky
The European Physical Journal B 86 (9), 368, 2013
Quantum theory of the low-frequency linear susceptibility of interferometer-type superconducting qubits
YS Greenberg, E Il’ichev
Physical Review B 77 (9), 094513, 2008
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