Steffen Lauf
Steffen Lauf
Dr. nat. Geoinformation, Technische Universität Berlin
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Heat waves and urban heat islands in Europe: A review of relevant drivers
K Ward, S Lauf, B Kleinschmit, W Endlicher
Science of the Total Environment 569, 527-539, 2016
Uncovering land-use dynamics driven by human decision-making–A combined model approach using cellular automata and system dynamics
S Lauf, D Haase, P Hostert, T Lakes, B Kleinschmit
Environmental Modelling & Software 27, 71-82, 2012
Land use patterns, temperature distribution, and potential heat stress risk–the case study Berlin, Germany
PA Dugord, S Lauf, C Schuster, B Kleinschmit
Computers, Environment and Urban Systems 48, 86-98, 2014
Simple or complicated agent-based models? A complicated issue
Z Sun, I Lorscheid, JD Millington, S Lauf, NR Magliocca, J Groeneveld, ...
Environmental Modelling & Software 86, 56-67, 2016
Linkages between ecosystem services provisioning, urban growth and shrinkage–A modeling approach assessing ecosystem service trade-offs
S Lauf, D Haase, B Kleinschmit
Ecological indicators 42, 73-94, 2014
Balancing demand and supply of multiple urban ecosystem services on different spatial scales
N Larondelle, S Lauf
Ecosystem Services 22, 18-31, 2016
Quantification of heat-stress related mortality hazard, vulnerability and risk in Berlin, Germany
D Scherer, U Fehrenbach, T Lakes, S Lauf, F Meier, C Schuster
DIE ERDE–Journal of the Geographical Society of Berlin 144 (3-4), 238-259, 2013
Simulating demography and housing demand in an urban region under scenarios of growth and shrinkage
S Lauf, D Haase, R Seppelt, N Schwarz
Environment and Planning B: Planning and Design 39 (2), 229-246, 2012
The effects of growth, shrinkage, population aging and preference shifts on urban development—A spatial scenario analysis of Berlin, Germany
S Lauf, D Haase, B Kleinschmit
Land Use Policy 52, 240-254, 2016
Simulating urban growth driven by transportation networks: A case study of the Istanbul third bridge
IE Ayazli, F Kilic, S Lauf, H Demir, B Kleinschmit
Land Use Policy 49, 332-340, 2015
Urban heat stress: Novel survey suggests health and fitness as future avenue for research and adaptation strategies
C Schuster, J Honold, S Lauf, T Lakes
Environmental Research Letters 12 (4), 044021, 2017
Estimating greenhouse gas emissions of European cities—Modeling emissions with only one spatial and one socioeconomic variable
AH Baur, S Lauf, M Förster, B Kleinschmit
Science of the Total Environment 520, 49-58, 2015
Remote sensing and spatial modelling of the urban environment
T Lakes, P Hostert, B Kleinschmit, S Lauf, J Tigges
Perspectives in Urban Ecology, 231-259, 2011
Creating Urban Growth Simulation Models Driven by the Bosphorus Bridges
İ AYAZLI, F Kilic, S Lauf, B Kleinschmit, H DEMİR
Land-use scenario modelling based on human decisions–Combining system dynamics and cellular automata
S Lauf, D Haase, B Kleinschmit
Urban climate and heat stress patterns in Berlin, Germany
S Lauf, PA Dugord, B Kleinschmit
Land-use change and ecosystem service modeling under conditions of growth and shrinkage
S Lauf
Land-use change and ecosystem service modeling under conditions of growth and shrinkage: the case of Berlin
S Lauf
Technische Universität Berlin, 2014
Uncovering urban system interrelations using land-use scenario modelling
S Lauf, B Kleinschmit, D Haase
Impact Assessment
S Lauf, D Haase, R Seppelt, NS UFZ
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