Steven F. Buchsbaum
Steven F. Buchsbaum
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Genetic analysis of H1N1 influenza virus from throat swab samples in a microfluidic system for point-of-care diagnostics
BS Ferguson, SF Buchsbaum, TT Wu, K Hsieh, Y Xiao, R Sun, HT Soh
Journal of the American Chemical Society 133 (23), 9129-9135, 2011
Integrated microfluidic electrochemical DNA sensor
BS Ferguson, SF Buchsbaum, JS Swensen, K Hsieh, X Lou, HT Soh
Analytical chemistry 81 (15), 6503-6508, 2009
DNA-modified polymer pores allow pH-and voltage-gated control of channel flux
SF Buchsbaum, G Nguyen, S Howorka, ZS Siwy
Journal of the American Chemical Society 136 (28), 9902-9905, 2014
Salt solutions in carbon nanotubes: The role of cation− π interactions
TA Pham, SMG Mortuza, BC Wood, EY Lau, T Ogitsu, SF Buchsbaum, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 120 (13), 7332-7338, 2016
Biomimetic potassium-selective nanopores
ET Acar, SF Buchsbaum, C Combs, F Fornasiero, ZS Siwy
Science advances 5 (2), eaav2568, 2019
Disentangling steric and electrostatic factors in nanoscale transport through confined space
SF Buchsbaum, N Mitchell, H Martin, M Wiggin, A Marziali, PV Coveney, ...
Nano letters 13 (8), 3890-3896, 2013
Presence of electrolyte promotes wetting and hydrophobic gating in nanopores with residual surface charges
L Innes, D Gutierrez, W Mann, SF Buchsbaum, ZS Siwy
Analyst 140 (14), 4804-4812, 2015
Autonomously responsive membranes for chemical warfare protection
Y Li, C Chen, ER Meshot, SF Buchsbaum, M Herbert, R Zhu, O Kulikov, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 30 (25), 2000258, 2020
High-yield growth kinetics and spatial mapping of single-walled carbon nanotube forests at wafer scale
ER Meshot, SJ Park, SF Buchsbaum, ML Jue, TR Kuykendall, E Schaible, ...
Carbon 159, 236-246, 2020
Giant conductance and anomalous concentration dependence in sub-5 nm carbon nanotube nanochannels
S Guo, SF Buchsbaum, ER Meshot, MW Davenport, Z Siwy, F Fornasiero
Biophysical Journal 108 (2), 175a, 2015
Ultra‐Permeable Single‐Walled Carbon Nanotube Membranes with Exceptional Performance at Scale
ML Jue, SF Buchsbaum, C Chen, SJ Park, ER Meshot, KJJ Wu, ...
Advanced Science 7 (24), 2001670, 2020
Structural Anomalies and Electronic Properties of an Ionic Liquid under Nanoscale Confinement
TA Pham, RM Coulthard, M Zobel, A Maiti, SF Buchsbaum, C Loeb, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 11 (15), 6150-6155, 2020
Fast Permeation of Small Ions in Carbon Nanotubes
SF Buchsbaum, ML Jue, AM Sawvel, C Chen, ER Meshot, SJ Park, ...
Advanced Science 8 (3), 2001802, 2021
Nanopores and Channels for Biomimetics and Biomedical Engineering
ZS Siwy, ET Acar, S Buchsbaum, F Fornasiero, C Combs
Biophysical Journal 118 (3), 2a-3a, 2020
Integrated Microfluidic Platforms Toward Point of Care Pathogenic Nucleic Acid Detection
SF Buchsbaum
University of California, Santa Barbara, 2010
Electrically gated nanostructure devices
E Meshot, S Buchsbaum
US Patent App. 17/170,685, 2021
Stimuli-Responsive Carbon Nanotube Membranes for Chemical Warfare Protection
C Chen, Y Li, ER Meshot, SF Buchsbaum, H Myles, R Zhu, O Kulikov, ...
2020 Virtual AIChE Annual Meeting, 2020
Nanoporous membranes for fast diffusion of ions and small molecules
SF Buchsbaum, F Fornasiero, ML Jue, ER Meshot, SJ Park, NTN Bui, ...
US Patent App. 16/921,443, 2020
Fluidic carbon nanotube device
EA Meshot, SF Buchsbaum, F Fornasiero
US Patent App. 16/752,482, 2020
Overcoming the Selectivity-Permeability Trade-Off with Nanoporous Carbon Nanotube Membranes
C Chen, Y Li, ER Meshot, SF Buchsbaum, M Herbert, R Zhu, O Kulikov, ...
ECS Meeting Abstracts, 2708, 2020
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