Popovych Ihor / Попович I. С. / Попович І. / Popovych I. / Popovych I. S. / Popovitch I. S.
Popovych Ihor / Попович I. С. / Попович І. / Popovych I. / Popovych I. S. / Popovitch I. S.
Kherson State University, Full Professor, Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Full Professor of
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The Structure, Variables and Interdependence of the Factors of Mental States of Expectations in Students’ Academic and Professional Activities
IS Popovych, OY Blynova
The New Educational Review 1 (55), 293-306, 2019
Psychological Safety of the Learning Environment in Sports School as a Factor of Achievement Motivation Development in Young Athletes
O Blynova, K K., O Semenov, O Los, I Popovych
Journal of Physical Education and Sport 20 (1), 14-23, 2020
Improving the Accuracy and Reliability of Automatic Vessel Moution Control System
SM Zinchenko, AP Ben, PS Nosov, IS Popovych, PP Mamenko, ...
Radio Electronics, Computer Science, Control 2 (53), 183-195, 2020
Mathematical Support of the Vessel Information and Risk Control Systems
S Zinchenko, O Tovstokoryi, P Nosov, I Popovych, V Kobets, G Abramov
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Automated identification of an operator anticipation on marine transport
PS Nosov, IS Popovych, VV Cherniavskyi, SM Zinchenko, YA Prokopchuk, ...
Radio Electronics, Computer Science, Control 3 (54), 158-172, 2020
Solution of the Problem of Optimizing Route with Using the Risk Criterion
P Mamenko, S Zinchenko, V Kobets, P Nosov, I Popovych
Babichev S., Lytvynenko V. (eds) Lecture Notes in Computational Intelligence …, 2022
Research of the relationship between social desirability and value orientations of adolescents
I Popovych, A Shevchenko, K Klenina, LM Gálvez
Revista Notas Históricas y Geográficas, 241-268, 2021
Navigation safety control system development through navigator action prediction by Data mining means
P Nosov, S Zinchenko, A Ben, Y Prokopchuk, P Mamenko, I Popovych, ...
Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies 2 (9(110)), 55-68, 2021
Automatic Beam Aiming of the Laser Optical Reference System at the Center of Reflector to Improve the Accuracy and Reliability of Dynamic Positioning
S Zinchenko, V Moiseienko, O Tovstokoryi, P Nosov, I Popovych
Hu Z., Petoukhov S., Dychka I., He M. (eds) Advances in Computer Science for …, 2021
Automatic collision avoidance system with many targets, including maneuvering ones
S Zinchenko, P Nosov, V Mateichuk, P Mamenko, I Popovych, ...
Bulletin of university of Karaganda 96 (4), 69-79, 2019
Formal Approaches to Identify Cadet Fatigue Factors by Means of Marine Navigation Simulators
P Nosov, A Ben, S Zinchenko, I Popovych, V Mateichuk, H Nosova
16th International Conference on ICT in Research, Education and Industrial …, 2020
Decision Support During the Vessel Control at the Time of Negative Manifestation of Human Factor
P Nosov, S Zinchenko, I Popovych, M Safonov, I Palamarchuk, V Blakh
Third International Workshop on Computer Modeling and Intelligent Systems …, 2020
Research on the Types of Pre-game Expectations in the Athletes of Sports Games
I Popovych, V Zavatskyi, O Tsiuniak, P Nosov, S Zinchenko, V Mateichuk, ...
Journal of Physical Education and Sport 20 (1), 43-52, 2020
Automatic Optimal Control of a Vessel with Redundant Structure of Executive Devices
S Zinchenko, O Tovstokoryi, A Ben, P Nosov, Y Popovych, I., Nahrybelnyi
Babichev S., Lytvynenko V. (eds) Lecture Notes in Computational Intelligence …, 2022
Use of Simulator Equipment for the Development and Testing of Vessel Control Systems
S Zinchenko, V Mateichuk, P Nosov, I Popovych, O Solovey, P Mamenko, ...
Electrical, Control and Communication Engineering 16 (2), 62-70, 2020
Research on the Correlation between Psychological Content Parameters of Social Expectations and the Indexes of Study Progress of Future Physical Education Teachers
IS Popovych, OY Blynova
Journal of Physical Education and Sport 19 (3), 847-853, 2019
Psychological factors of competitiveness of the women’s youth handball team
I Popovych, O Blynova, P Nosov, S Zinchenko, O Kononenko
Journal of Physical Education and Sport 21 (1), 227-235, 2021
The Research of the Mental States of Expecting a Victory in Men Mini-football Teams
IS Popovych, OY Blynova, HI Bokshan, PS Nosov, ZY Kovalchuk, ...
Journal of Physical Education and Sport 19 (4), 2343-2351, 2019
Research of Relationship between the Social Expectations and Professional Training of Lyceum Students studying in the Field of Shipbuilding
I Popovych, O Blynova, M Aleksieieva, P Nosov, N Zavatska, O Smyrnova
Revista ESPACIOS 40 (33), 21, 2019
Research of psychophysiological features of response to stress situations by future sailors
R Shevchenko, V Cherniavskyi, S Zinchenko, M Palchynska, ...
Revista Inclusiones 7 (Especial), 566-579, 2020
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