Igor Golovin / Головин И.С.
Igor Golovin / Головин И.С.
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Internal friction in Metallic Materials. A Handbook
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Fabrication, characterization, and mechanical properties of spark plasma sintered Al–BN nanoparticle composites
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Materials Characterization 121, 222-230, 2016
Anelasticity of Fe–Ga based alloys
IS Golovin
Materials & Design 88, 577-587, 2015
Mechanism of damping capacity of high-chromium steels and α-Fe and its dependence on some external factors
IS Golovin
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Influence of carbon and nitrogen on solid solution decay
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Panel discussion on the application of HDM
N Igata, K Nishiyama, K Ota, Y Yin, W Wuttig, IS Golovin, JV Humbeeck, ...
Journal of alloys and compounds 355 (1-2), 230-240, 2003
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