Igor Golovin / Головин И.С.
Igor Golovin / Головин И.С.
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Internal friction in Metallic Materials. A Handbook
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Anelasticity of Fe–Al alloys, revisited
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Study of atom diffusivity and related relaxation phenomena in Fe3Al–(Ti, Nb)–C alloys
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Effect of heat treatment on diffusion, internal friction, microstructure and mechanical properties of ultra-fine-grained nickel severely deformed by equal-channel angular pressing
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Mechanism of damping capacity of high-chromium steels and α-Fe and its dependence on some external factors
IS Golovin
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IS Golovin
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IS Golovin
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Panel discussion on the application of HDM
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Fabrication and characteristics of melt-spun Al ribbons reinforced with nano/micro-BN phases
M Yamaguchi, J Bernhardt, K Faerstein, D Shtansky, Y Bando, IS Golovin, ...
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