Zoltán Lippényi
Zoltán Lippényi
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Beyond formal access: Organizational context, working from home, and work–family conflict of men and women in European workplaces
T Van Der Lippe, Z Lippényi
Social Indicators Research 151 (2), 383-402, 2020
Co‐workers working from home and individual and team performance
T van der Lippe, Z Lippényi
New Technology, Work and Employment 35 (1), 60-79, 2020
European Sustainable Workforce Survey [ESWS]
T Van der Lippe, Z Lippényi, J Lössbroek, L van Breeschoten, ...
Utrecht: Utrecht University, 2016
Rising between-workplace inequalities in high-income countries
D Tomaskovic-Devey, A Rainey, D Avent-Holt, N Bandelj, I Boza, D Cort, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 117 (17), 9277-9283, 2020
Intergenerational class mobility in Hungary between 1865 and 1950: Testing models of change in social openness
Z Lippényi, I Maas, MHD van Leeuwen
Research in Social Stratification and Mobility 33, 40-55, 2013
Economic voting in Hungary, 1998–2008
Z Lippenyi, I Maas, W Jansen
Electoral Studies 32 (4), 838-851, 2013
Inter-generational micro-class mobility during and after socialism: The power, education, autonomy, capital, and horizontal (PEACH) model in Hungary
Z Lippényi, TP Gerger
RC28 conference Brisbane, 2013
Social status homogamy in a religiously diverse society. Modernization, religious diversity, and status homogamy in Hungary between 1870–1950
Z Lippényi, MHD van Leeuwen, I Maas, P Őri
The History of the Family 24 (1), 15-37, 2019
Modernization and social fluidity in Hungary, 1870–1950
Z Lippényi, I Maas, MHD Van Leeuwen
European Sociological Review 31 (1), 103-114, 2015
Transitions toward an open society? Intergenerational occupational mobility in Hungary in the 19th and 20th centuries
Z Lippényi
Utrecht University, 2014
Creating the Hungarian historical social mobility file: Historical social structure and mobility beyond the Leitha
Z Lippényi, I Maas, MHD van Leeuwen
Istoritcheskaya Informatika (Russian journal) 2, 3-23, 2013
The great separation: Top earner segregation at work in high-income countries
O Godechot, P Apascaritei, I Boza, LF Henriksen, AS Hermansen, F Hou, ...
MaxPo Discussion Paper, 2020
The comparative organizational inequality network: Toward an economic sociology of inequality
D Tomaskovic-Devey, N Bandelj, I Boeckmann, I Boza, D Cort, ...
economic sociology_the european electronic newsletter 19 (1), 15-21, 2017
Aanvragen van zorgverlof: De rol van de arbeidsorganisatie
Z Lippényi, T van der Lippe
Tijdschrift voor Arbeidsvraagstukken 31 (4), 2015
Technology implementation within enterprises and job ending among employees. A study of the role of educational attainment, organizational tenure, age and unionization
J ten Berge, Z Lippényi, T van der Lippe, M Goos
Research in Social Stratification and Mobility 69, 100548, 2020
Workplace volatility and gender inequality: a comparison of the Netherlands and South Korea
J Jung, Z Lippényi, E Mun
Socio-Economic Review, 2020
Investments in a sustainable workforce in Europe
TE van der Lippe, ZE Lippényi
Routledge/Taylor & Francis Group, 2019
The great separation: Inequality, segregation, and the role of finance
O Godechot
Destabilizing Orders–Understanding the Consequences of Neoliberalism …, 2018
HR investments in an employable workforce: Mutual gains or conflicting outcomes?
J van Harten, Z Lippényi, P Boselie
Investments in a sustainable workforce in Europe, 145-160, 2019
Temporary contracts, job uncertainty, and work–life balance: A multilevel study across European organizations
Z Lippényi, A Gasparotto, J Nätti
Investments in a Sustainable Workforce in Europe, 161-174, 2019
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