Anatoli Murauski
Anatoli Murauski
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Tunable liquid crystal q-plates with arbitrary topological charge
S Slussarenko, A Murauski, T Du, V Chigrinov, L Marrucci, E Santamato
Optics express 19 (5), 4085-4090, 2011
Anchoring properties of photoaligned azo-dye materials
V Chigrinov, A Muravski, HS Kwok, H Takada, H Akiyama, H Takatsu
Physical Review E 68 (6), 061702, 2003
Optical rewritable liquid‐crystal‐alignment technology
A Muravsky, A Murauski, X Li, V Chigrinov, HS Kwok
Journal of the Society for Information Display 15 (4), 267-273, 2007
Determination of liquid-crystal polar anchoring energy by electrical measurements
A Murauski, V Chigrinov, A Muravsky, FSY Yeung, J Ho, HS Kwok
Physical Review E 71 (6), 061707, 2005
Tunable lens by spatially varying liquid crystal pretilt angles
MC Tseng, F Fan, CY Lee, A Murauski, V Chigrinov, HS Kwok
Journal of applied physics 109 (8), 083109, 2011
Light printing of grayscale pixel images on optical rewritable electronic paper
A Muravsky, A Murauski, V Chigrinov, HS Kwok
Japanese journal of applied physics 47 (8R), 6347, 2008
Parameters on the LC alignment of organosilicon compound films
A Muravsky, A Murauski, V Mazaeva, V Belyaev
Journal of the Society for Information Display 13 (4), 349-356, 2005
New properties and applications of rewritable azo‐dye photoalignment
A Muravsky, A Murauski, V Chigrinov, HS Kwok
Journal of the Society for Information Display 16 (9), 927-931, 2008
Birefringence and refractive indices dispersion of different liquid crystalline structures
J Schirmer, P Kohns, T Schmidt-kaler, AA Muravski, SY Yakovenko, ...
Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology. Section A …, 1997
Temperature dependence of the properties of simulated PCH5
SY Yakovenko, AA Muravski, F Eikelschulte, A Geiger
Liquid crystals 24 (5), 657-671, 1998
Tubular alumina formed by anodization in the meniscal region
SK Lazarouk, DA Sasinovich, VE Borisenko, A Muravski, V Chigrinov, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 107 (3), 033527, 2010
P‐25: An Accurate Spectral Method for Measuring Twist Angle of Twisted Cells with Rubbed and Grooved Surfaces
VA Konovalov, AA Muravski, SY Yakovenko, J Pelzl
SID Symposium Digest of Technical Papers 31 (1), 620-623, 2000
Electrically tunable transparent displays for visible light based on dielectric metasurfaces
C Zou, A Komar, S Fasold, J Bohn, AA Muravsky, AA Murauski, T Pertsch, ...
ACS Photonics 6 (6), 1533-1540, 2019
Tunable liquid crystal lens based on pretilt angle gradient alignment
VS Bezruchenko, AA Muravsky, AA Murauski, AI Stankevich, UV Mahilny
Molecular crystals and liquid crystals 626 (1), 222-228, 2016
Porous and pillar structures formed by anodization for vertical alignment of nematic liquid crystal
S Lazarouk, A Muravski, D Sasinovich, V Chigrinov, HS Kwok
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 46 (10R), 6889, 2007
Novel polymer as liquid crystal alignment material for plastic substrates
UV Mahilny, AI Stankevich, AA Muravsky, AA Murauski
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 42 (7), 075303, 2009
New photocrosslinking polymeric materials for liquid crystal photoalignment
U Mahilny, A Trofimova, A Stankevich, A Tolstik, A Murauski, A Muravsky
Nonlinear Phenomena in complex systems 16 (1), 79, 2013
V‐shaped electro‐optical mode based on deformed‐helix ferroelectric liquid crystal with subwavelength pitch
E Pozhidaev, V Chigrinov, A Murauski, V Molkin, D Tao, HS Kwok
Journal of the Society for Information Display 20 (5), 273-278, 2012
Photosensitive polymers for liquid crystal alignment
UV Mahilny, AI Stankevich, AV Trofimova, AA Muravsky, AA Murauski
Physics Procedia 73, 121-125, 2015
Optical rewritable electronic paper
A Muravsky, A Murauski, V Chigrinov, HS Kwok
IEICE transactions on electronics 91 (10), 1576-1580, 2008
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