Inessa Skrypkina - Скрипкіна Інесса
Inessa Skrypkina - Скрипкіна Інесса
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Intersectin multidomain adaptor proteins: regulation of functional diversity
L Tsyba, O Nikolaienko, O Dergai, M Dergai, O Novokhatska, I Skrypkina, ...
Gene 473 (2), 67-75., 2011
Intersectin 1 forms a complex with adaptor protein Ruk/CIN85 in vivo independently of epidermal growth factor stimulation
O Nikolaienko, I Skrypkina, L Tsyba, Y Fedyshyn, D Morderer, V Buchman, ...
Cellular signalling 21 (5), 753-759, 2009
Intersectin 1 forms complexes with SGIP1 and Reps1 in clathrin-coated pits
O Dergai, O Novokhatska, M Dergai, I Skrypkina, L Tsyba, J Moreau, ...
Biochemical and biophysical research communications 402 (2), 408-413, 2010
Alternative splicing affecting the SH3A domain controls the binding properties of intersectin 1 in neurons
L Tsyba, T Gryaznova, O Dergai, M Dergai, I Skrypkina, S Kropyvko, ...
Biochemical and biophysical research communications 372 (4), 929-934, 2008
Concentration and methylation of cell-free DNA from blood plasma as diagnostic markers of renal cancer
I Skrypkina, L Tsyba, K Onyshchenko, D Morderer, O Kashparova, ...
Disease markers 2016, 2016
Alternative splicing of mammalian Intersectin 1: domain associations and tissue specificities
L Tsyba, I Skrypkina, A Rynditch, O Nikolaienko, G Ferenets, A Fortna, ...
Genomics 84 (1), 106-113, 2004
The LMP2A protein of Epstein–Barr virus regulates phosphorylation of ITSN1 and Shb adaptors by tyrosine kinases
O Dergai, M Dergai, I Skrypkina, L Matskova, L Tsyba, D Gudkova, ...
Cellular signalling 25 (1), 33-40, 2013
Structural diversity and differential expression of novel human intersectin 1 isoforms
S Kropyvko, D Gerasymchuk, I Skrypkina, M Dergai, O Dergai, ...
Molecular biology reports 37 (6), 2789-2796, 2010
Adaptor proteins intersectin 1 and 2 bind similar proline-rich ligands but are differentially recognized by SH2 domain-containing proteins
O Novokhatska, M Dergai, L Tsyba, I Skrypkina, V Filonenko, J Moreau, ...
PLoS One 8 (7), e70546, 2013
Microexon-based regulation of ITSN1 and Src SH3 domains specificity relies on introduction of charged amino acids into the interaction interface
M Dergai, L Tsyba, O Dergai, I Zlatskii, I Skrypkina, V Kovalenko, ...
Biochemical and biophysical research communications 399 (2), 307-312, 2010
Identification and characterization of a novel mammalian isoform of the endocytic adaptor ITSN1
M Dergai, I Skrypkina, O Dergai, L Tsyba, O Novokhatska, V Filonenko, ...
Gene 485 (2), 120-129, 2011
Endocytic adaptor protein intersectin 1 forms a complex with microtubule stabilizer STOP in neurons
D Morderer, O Nikolaienko, I Skrypkina, V Cherkas, L Tsyba, P Belan, ...
Gene 505 (2), 360-364, 2012
Screening of epigenetic and genetic disturbances of human chromosome 3 genes in colorectal cancer.
GV Gerashchenko, VV Gordiyuk, IY Skrypkina, SM Kvasha, OO Kolesnik, ...
Ukrains' kyi biokhimichnyi zhurnal (1999) 81 (4), 81-87, 2009
Identification of changes in gene loci potentially associated with cervical cancer using NotI microarrays
VI Kashuba, Skripkina, IIa, DV Saraev, VV Gordiiuk, AB Vinnitskaia, ...
Ukr Biokhim Zh 78 (2), 113-20, 2006
Identification and functional analysis of an alternative promoter of human intersectin 1 gene
SV Kropyvko, LO Tsyba, IY Skrypkina, AV Rynditch
Вiopolymers and Cell, 2010
Identification of chromosome 3 epigenetic and genetic abnormalities and gene expression changes in ovarian cancer
VV Gordiyuk, GV Gerashchenko, IY Skrypkina, OV Symonchuk, ...
Biopolymers and Cell 24 (4), 323-332, 2008
Amphiphysin 1 and 2 interact with latent membrane protein 2A of Epstein-Barr virus and regulate its exosomal secretion
OV Dergai, MV Dergai, LO Tsyba, AM Yaruchik, AV Rynditch, ...
Вiopolymers and Cell, 2012
ITSN protein family: regulation of diversity, role in signalling and pathology
LO Tsyba, MV Dergai, IY Skrypkina, OV Nikolaienko, OV Dergai, ...
Biopolymers and Cell 29 (3), 244-251, 2013
ITSN1 and Ruk/CIN85 colocalized to clathrin-coated pits in MCF-7 cells
OV Nikolaienko, IY Skrypkina, LO Tsyba, LB Drobot, AV Rynditch
Вiopolymers and Cell, 2009
Genetical and epigenetical control of plant growth and development. Genes of photomorphogenesis and regulation of their expression by light
VA Tsygankova, LA Galkina, LI Musatenko, KM Sytnik
Biopolymers and Cell 20 (6), 451-471, 2004
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