Miroslaw Kwasniewski
Miroslaw Kwasniewski
Centre for Bioinformatics and Data Analysis, Medical University of Bialystok
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QuantPrime–a flexible tool for reliable high-throughput primer design for quantitative PCR
S Arvidsson, M Kwasniewski, DM Riaño-Pachón, B Mueller-Roeber
BMC bioinformatics 9 (1), 1-15, 2008
ORS1, an H2O2-responsive NAC transcription factor, controls senescence in Arabidopsis thaliana
S Balazadeh, M Kwasniewski, C Caldana, M Mehrnia, MI Zanor, GP Xue, ...
Molecular plant 4 (2), 346-360, 2011
Molecular cloning and characterization of β-expansin gene related to root hair formation in barley
M Kwasniewski, I Szarejko
Plant Physiology 141 (3), 1149-1158, 2006
The DOF transcription factor OBP1 is involved in cell cycle regulation in Arabidopsis thaliana
A Skirycz, A Radziejwoski, W Busch, MA Hannah, J Czeszejko, ...
The Plant Journal 56 (5), 779-792, 2008
Gene expression regulation in roots under drought
A Janiak, M Kwaśniewski, I Szarejko
Journal of experimental botany 67 (4), 1003-1014, 2016
Molecular signature of subtypes of non-small-cell lung cancer by large-scale transcriptional profiling: identification of key modules and genes by weighted gene co-expression …
M Niemira, F Collin, A Szalkowska, A Bielska, K Chwialkowska, J Reszec, ...
Cancers 12 (1), 37, 2020
Water-deficiency conditions differently modulate the methylome of roots and leaves in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)
K Chwialkowska, U Nowakowska, A Mroziewicz, I Szarejko, ...
Journal of Experimental Botany 67 (4), 1109-1121, 2016
Transcriptome analysis reveals the role of the root hairs as environmental sensors to maintain plant functions under water-deficiency conditions
M Kwasniewski, A Daszkowska-Golec, A Janiak, K Chwialkowska, ...
Journal of Experimental Botany 67 (4), 1079-1094, 2016
No time to waste: Transcriptome study reveals that drought tolerance in barley may be attributed to stressed-like expression patterns that exist before the occurrence of stress
A Janiak, M Kwasniewski, M Sowa, K Gajek, K Żmuda, J Kościelniak, ...
Frontiers in plant science 8, 2212, 2018
Accumulation of peroxidase-related reactive oxygen species in trichoblasts correlates with root hair initiation in barley
M Kwasniewski, K Chwialkowska, J Kwasniewska, J Kusak, K Siwinski, ...
Journal of plant physiology 170 (2), 185-195, 2013
iRootHair: a comprehensive root hair genomics database
M Kwasniewski, U Nowakowska, J Szumera, K Chwialkowska, I Szarejko
Plant Physiology 161 (1), 28-35, 2013
Global analysis of the root hair morphogenesis transcriptome reveals new candidate genes involved in root hair formation in barley
M Kwasniewski, A Janiak, B Mueller-Roeber, I Szarejko
Journal of plant physiology 167 (13), 1076-1083, 2010
Different recombination frequencies in wheat doubled haploid populations obtained through maize pollination and anther culture
J Guzy-Wróbelska, A Labocha-Pawlowska, M Kwasniewski, I Szarejko
Euphytica 156 (1), 173-183, 2007
Chromosomal localization of a novel repetitive sequence in theChenopodium quinoa genome
B Kolano, A Plucienniczak, M Kwasniewski, J Maluszynska
Journal of Applied Genetics 49 (4), 313-320, 2008
Methylation Sensitive Amplification Polymorphism Sequencing (MSAP-Seq)—A method for high-throughput analysis of differentially methylated CCGG sites in plants with large genomes
K Chwialkowska, U Korotko, J Kosinska, I Szarejko, M Kwasniewski
Frontiers in plant science 8, 2056, 2017
A comparative analysis of proteins that accumulate during the initial stage of root hair development in barley root hair mutants and their parent varieties
A Janiak, S Piórko, A Matros, HP Mock, M Kwaśniewski, K Chwiałkowska, ...
Journal of Applied Genetics, 1-14, 2012
Comet‐FISH with rDNA probes for the analysis of mutagen‐induced DNA damage in plant cells
J Kwasniewska, M Grabowska, M Kwasniewski, B Kolano
Environmental and molecular mutagenesis 53 (5), 369-375, 2012
Systematic review of polygenic risk scores for type 1 and type 2 diabetes
F Padilla-Martínez, F Collin, M Kwasniewski, A Kretowski
International journal of molecular sciences 21 (5), 1703, 2020
Insights into barley root transcriptome under mild drought stress with an emphasis on gene expression regulatory mechanisms
A Janiak, M Kwasniewski, M Sowa, A Kuczyńska, K Mikołajczak, ...
International journal of molecular sciences 20 (24), 6139, 2019
Systematic biobanking, novel imaging techniques, and advanced molecular analysis for precise tumor diagnosis and therapy: The Polish MOBIT project
J Niklinski, A Kretowski, M Moniuszko, J Reszec, A Michalska-Falkowska, ...
Advances in medical sciences 62 (2), 405-413, 2017
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