Marcin Kostur
Marcin Kostur
University of Silesia, Silesian Center for Education and Interdisciplinary Reserach
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Microfluidic mixing via acoustically driven chaotic advection
T Frommelt, M Kostur, M Wenzel-Schäfer, P Talkner, P Hänggi, A Wixforth
Physical review letters 100 (3), 034502, 2008
Optimal diffusive transport in a tilted periodic potential
B Lindner, M Kostur, L Schimansky-Geier
Fluctuation and Noise Letters 1 (01), R25-R39, 2001
Absolute negative mobility induced by thermal equilibrium fluctuations
L Machura, M Kostur, P Talkner, J Łuczka, P Hänggi
Physical Review Letters 98 (4), 040601, 2007
Rectification in synthetic conical nanopores: A one-dimensional Poisson-Nernst-Planck model
ID Kosińska, I Goychuk, M Kostur, G Schmid, P Hänggi
Physical Review E 77 (3), 031131, 2008
Sailfish: A flexible multi-GPU implementation of the lattice Boltzmann method
M Januszewski, M Kostur
Computer Physics Communications 185 (9), 2350-2368, 2014
Brownian motors: Current fluctuations and rectification efficiency
L Machura, M Kostur, P Talkner, J Łuczka, F Marchesoni, P Hänggi
Physical Review E 70 (6), 061105, 2004
Accelerating numerical solution of stochastic differential equations with CUDA
M Januszewski, M Kostur
Computer Physics Communications 181 (1), 183-188, 2010
Flow profiling of a surface-acoustic-wave nanopump
Z Guttenberg, A Rathgeber, S Keller, JO Rädler, A Wixforth, M Kostur, ...
Physical Review E 70 (5), 056311, 2004
Anticipated synchronization in coupled inertial ratchets with time-delayed feedback: a numerical study
M Kostur, P Hänggi, P Talkner, JL Mateos
Physical review E 72 (3), 036210, 2005
Intrawell relaxation of overdamped Brownian particles
M Bier, I Derényi, M Kostur, RD Astumian
Physical Review E 59 (6), 6422, 1999
Chiral separation in microflows
M Kostur, M Schindler, P Talkner, P Hänggi
Physical review letters 96 (1), 014502, 2006
Flow patterns and transport in Rayleigh surface acoustic wave streaming: Combined finite element method and raytracing numerics versus experiments
T Frommelt, D Gogel, M Kostur, P Talkner, P Hanggi, A Wixforth
IEEE transactions on ultrasonics, ferroelectrics, and frequency control 55 …, 2008
Anomalous transport in biased ac-driven Josephson junctions: Negative conductances
M Kostur, L Machura, P Talkner, P Hänggi, J Łuczka
Physical Review B 77 (10), 104509, 2008
Consistent description of quantum Brownian motors operating at strong friction
L Machura, M Kostur, P Hänggi, P Talkner, J Łuczka
Physical Review E 70 (3), 031107, 2004
Multiple current reversal in Brownian ratchets
M Kostur, J Łuczka
Physical Review E 63 (2), 021101, 2001
Numerical analysis of the impact of flow rate, heart rate, vessel geometry, and degree of stenosis on coronary hemodynamic indices
Z Malota, J Glowacki, W Sadowski, M Kostur
BMC cardiovascular disorders 18, 1-16, 2018
GPU accelerated Monte Carlo simulation of Brownian motors dynamics with CUDA
J Spiechowicz, M Kostur, L Machura
Computer Physics Communications 191, 140-149, 2015
Forcing inertial Brownian motors: Efficiency and negative differential mobility
M Kostur, L Machura, P Hänggi, J Łuczka, P Talkner
Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 371 (1), 20-24, 2006
Optimal strategy for controlling transport in inertial Brownian motors
L Machura, M Kostur, F Marchesoni, P Talkner, P Hänggi, J Łuczka
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 17 (47), S3741, 2005
Quantum diffusion in biased washboard potentials: Strong friction limit
L Machura, M Kostur, P Talkner, J Łuczka, P Hänggi
Physical Review E 73 (3), 031105, 2006
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