didier Gourier
didier Gourier
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Origin of the blue luminescence of β-Ga2O3
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Preparation and characterization of (Ba, Cs)(M, Ti) 8O16 (M= Al3+, Fe3+, Ga3+, Cr3+, Sc3+, Mg2+) hollandite ceramics developed for radioactive cesium immobilization
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EPR identification of LixV2O5 phases generated by chemical and electrochemical lithium intercalation in V2O5
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β alumina, a typical solid electrolyte: latest developments in fundamental approach and in battery utilization
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Extreme deuterium enrichment of organic radicals in the Orgueil meteorite: Revisiting the interstellar interpretation?
D Gourier, F Robert, O Delpoux, L Binet, H Vezin, A Moissette, S Derenne
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 72 (7), 1914-1923, 2008
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