Osbaldo Resendis-Antonio
Osbaldo Resendis-Antonio
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Robustness and evolvability in genetic regulatory networks
M Aldana, E Balleza, S Kauffman, O Resendiz
Journal of theoretical biology 245 (3), 433-448, 2007
Regulation by transcription factors in bacteria: beyond description
E Balleza, LN Lopez-Bojorquez, A Martínez-Antonio, O Resendis-Antonio, ...
FEMS microbiology reviews 33 (1), 133-151, 2008
Modular analysis of the transcriptional regulatory network of E. coli
O Resendis-Antonio, JA Freyre-Gonzalez, R Menchaca-Mendez, ...
TRENDS in Genetics 21 (1), 16-20, 2005
Metabolic reconstruction and modeling of nitrogen fixation in Rhizobium etli
O Resendis-Antonio, JL Reed, S Encarnación, J Collado-Vides, ...
PLoS computational biology 3 (10), e192, 2007
MEMOTE for standardized genome-scale metabolic model testing
C Lieven, ME Beber, BG Olivier, FT Bergmann, M Ataman, P Babaei, ...
Nature biotechnology 38 (3), 272-276, 2020
Modeling core metabolism in cancer cells: surveying the topology underlying the Warburg effect
O Resendis-Antonio, A Checa, S Encarnación
PloS one 5 (8), e12383, 2010
Identification of regulatory network topological units coordinating the genome-wide transcriptional response to glucose in Escherichia coli
RM Gutierrez-Ríos, JA Freyre-Gonzalez, O Resendis, J Collado-Vides, ...
BMC microbiology 7 (1), 1-18, 2007
Hierarchical agglomerative clustering
ML Zepeda-Mendoza, O Resendis-Antonio
Encyclopedia of systems biology 43 (1), 886-887, 2013
Distinct Microbes, Metabolites, and Ecologies Define the Microbiome in Deficient and Proficient Mismatch Repair Colorectal Cancers
VL Hale, P Jeraldo, J Chen, M Mundy, J Yao, S Priya, G Keeney, K Lyke, ...
bioRxiv, 346510, 2018
Proteomic patterns of cervical cancer cell lines, a network perspective
JC Higareda-Almaraz, M delRocío Enríquez-Gasca, M Hernández-Ortiz, ...
BMC systems biology 5 (1), 1-16, 2011
Memote: A community driven effort towards a standardized genome-scale metabolic model test suite
C Lieven, ME Beber, BG Olivier, FT Bergmann, M Ataman, P Babaei, ...
BioRxiv, 350991, 2018
Evolution of centrality measurements for the detection of essential proteins in biological networks
M Jalili, A Salehzadeh-Yazdi, S Gupta, O Wolkenhauer, M Yaghmaie, ...
Frontiers in Physiology 7, 375, 2016
Systems biology of bacterial nitrogen fixation: high-throughput technology and its integrative description with constraint-based modeling
O Resendis-Antonio, M Hernández, E Salazar, S Contreras, GM Batallar, ...
BMC Systems Biology 5 (1), 1-15, 2011
Synthesis of multi-omic data and community metabolic models reveals insights into the role of hydrogen sulfide in colon cancer
VL Hale, P Jeraldo, M Mundy, J Yao, G Keeney, N Scott, EH Cheek, ...
Methods 149, 59-68, 2018
Modeling metabolism: a window toward a comprehensive interpretation of networks in cancer
O Resendis-Antonio, C González-Torres, G Jaime-Munoz, ...
Seminars in cancer biology 30, 79-87, 2015
MICOM: metagenome-scale modeling to infer metabolic interactions in the gut microbiota
C Diener, SM Gibbons, O Resendis-Antonio
MSystems 5 (1), e00606-19, 2020
Host-microbiome interaction and cancer: potential application in precision medicine
AV Contreras, B Cocom-Chan, G Hernandez-Montes, T Portillo-Bobadilla, ...
Frontiers in physiology 7, 606, 2016
Functional modules, structural topology, and optimal activity in metabolic networks
O Resendis-Antonio, M Hernández, Y Mora, S Encarnación
Public Library of Science 8 (10), e1002720, 2012
Filling kinetic gaps: dynamic modeling of metabolism where detailed kinetic information is lacking
O Resendis-Antonio
PLoS One 4 (3), e4967, 2009
Systems biology of cancer: moving toward the integrative study of the metabolic alterations in cancer cells
CE Hernández Patiño, G Jaime-Muñoz, O Resendis-Antonio
Frontiers in physiology 3, 481, 2013
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