H. F. Ding
H. F. Ding
Dept. of Phys., Nanjing university
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Creating an artificial two-dimensional skyrmion crystal by nanopatterning
L Sun, RX Cao, BF Miao, Z Feng, B You, D Wu, W Zhang, A Hu, HF Ding
Physical review letters 110 (16), 167201, 2013
Spin Hall angle quantification from spin pumping and microwave photoresistance
Z Feng, J Hu, L Sun, B You, D Wu, J Du, W Zhang, A Hu, Y Yang, ...
Physical Review B 85 (21), 214423, 2012
Magnetic bistability of Co nanodots
HF Ding, AK Schmid, D Li, KY Guslienko, SD Bader
Physical review letters 94 (15), 157202, 2005
Self-consistent determination of spin Hall angle and spin diffusion length in Pt and Pd: The role of the interface spin loss
X Tao, Q Liu, B Miao, R Yu, Z Feng, L Sun, B You, J Du, K Chen, S Zhang, ...
Science advances 4 (6), eaat1670, 2018
Experimental realization of two-dimensional artificial skyrmion crystals at room temperature
BF Miao, L Sun, YW Wu, XD Tao, X Xiong, Y Wen, RX Cao, P Wang, ...
Physical Review B 90 (17), 174411, 2014
Experimental method for separating longitudinal and polar Kerr signals
HF Ding, S Pütter, HP Oepen, J Kirschner
Journal of magnetism and magnetic materials 212 (1-2), 5-11, 2000
In-plane magnetic anisotropy of bcc Co on GaAs (001)
YZ Wu, HF Ding, C Jing, D Wu, GL Liu, V Gordon, GS Dong, XF Jin, S Zhu, ...
Physical Review B 57 (19), 11935, 1998
Absence of zero-bias anomaly in spin-polarized vacuum tunneling in Co (0001)
HF Ding, W Wulfhekel, J Henk, P Bruno, J Kirschner
Physical review letters 90 (11), 116603, 2003
Spin-reorientation transition in thin films studied by the component-resolved Kerr effect
HF Ding, S Pütter, HP Oepen, J Kirschner
Physical Review B 63 (13), 134425, 2001
Exchange-Dominated Pure Spin Current Transport in Molecules
SW Jiang, S Liu, P Wang, ZZ Luan, XD Tao, HF Ding, D Wu
Physical review letters 115 (8), 086601, 2015
Self-organized long-period adatom strings on stepped metal surfaces: Scanning tunneling microscopy, ab initio calculations, and kinetic Monte Carlo simulations
HF Ding, VS Stepanyuk, PA Ignatiev, NN Negulyaev, L Niebergall, ...
Physical Review B 76 (3), 033409, 2007
Electron confinement in hexagonal vacancy islands: Theory and experiment
L Niebergall, G Rodary, HF Ding, D Sander, VS Stepanyuk, P Bruno, ...
Physical Review B 74 (19), 195436, 2006
Distinguishing spin pumping from spin rectification in a Pt/Py bilayer through angle dependent line shape analysis
L Bai, Z Feng, P Hyde, HF Ding, CM Hu
Applied Physics Letters 102 (24), 242402, 2013
Ultra sharp domain walls in the closure domain pattern of Co (0001)
HF Ding, W Wulfhekel, J Kirschner
EPL (Europhysics Letters) 57 (1), 100, 2002
Step-decorated ferromagnetic Fe nanostripes on Pt (997)
R Cheng, KY Guslienko, FY Fradin, JE Pearson, HF Ding, D Li, SD Bader
Physical Review B 72 (1), 014409, 2005
Giant magnetoresistance enhancement at room-temperature in organic spin valves based on La0.67Sr0.33MnO3 electrodes
BB Chen, Y Zhou, S Wang, YJ Shi, HF Ding, D Wu
Applied Physics Letters 103 (7), 072402, 2013
Magnetic susceptibility: An easy approach to the spin-reorientation transition
S Pütter, HF Ding, YT Millev, HP Oepen, J Kirschner
Physical Review B 64 (9), 092409, 2001
Room-temperature spin valve effects in La0. 67Sr0. 33MnO3/Alq3/Co devices
S Wang, YJ Shi, L Lin, BB Chen, FJ Yue, J Du, HF Ding, FM Zhang, D Wu
Synthetic metals 161 (15-16), 1738-1741, 2011
Field-driven reorientation in ultrathin ferromagnetic films with uniaxial anisotropy
HP Oepen, YT Millev, HF Ding, S Pütter, J Kirschner
Physical Review B 61 (14), 9506, 2000
Strong asymmetrical bias dependence of magnetoresistance in organic spin valves: the role of ferromagnetic/organic interfaces
SW Jiang, DJ Shu, L Lin, YJ Shi, J Shi, HF Ding, J Du, M Wang, D Wu
New Journal of Physics 16 (1), 013028, 2014
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