Emilio Carbone
Emilio Carbone
Professor of Physiology, Department of Drug Science, University of Torino
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A low voltage-activated, fully inactivating Ca channel in vertebrate sensory neurones
E Carbone, HD Lux
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Kinetics and selectivity of a low‐voltage‐activated calcium current in chick and rat sensory neurones.
E Carbone, HD Lux
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Loss of Cav1. 3 channels reveals the critical role of L-type and BK channel coupling in pacemaking mouse adrenal chromaffin cells
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Chronic hypoxia up‐regulates α1H T‐type channels and low‐threshold catecholamine secretion in rat chromaffin cells
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K+ conductance modified by a titratable group accessible to protons from the intracellular side of the squid axon membrane
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Brain-derived neurotrophic factor enhances GABA release probability and nonuniform distribution of N-and P/Q-type channels on release sites of hippocampal inhibitory synapses
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Calcium channel subtypes controlling serotonin release from human small cell lung carcinoma cell lines.
A Codignola, P Tarroni, F Clementi, A Pollo, M LoVallo, E Carbone, ...
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BDNF up‐regulates evoked GABAergic transmission in developing hippocampus by potentiating presynaptic N‐ and P/Q‐type Ca2+ channels signalling
P Baldelli, M Novara, V Carabelli, JM Hernandez‐Guijo, E Carbone
European Journal of Neuroscience 16 (12), 2297-2310, 2002
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