Ilias Savvidis
Ilias Savvidis
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First results from the CERN axion solar telescope
K Zioutas, S Andriamonje, V Arsov, S Aune, D Autiero, FT Avignone, ...
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An improved limit on the axion–photon coupling from the CAST experiment
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New CAST limit on the axion–photon interaction
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Probing eV-scale axions with CAST
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Conceptual design of the international axion observatory (IAXO)
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Development and performance of Microbulk Micromegas detectors
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CAST solar axion search with 3^ He buffer gas: Closing the hot dark matter gap
M Arik, S Aune, K Barth, A Belov, S Borghi, H Brauninger, G Cantatore, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:1307.1985, 2013
The n_TOF Total Absorption Calorimeter for neutron capture measurements at CERN
C Guerrero, U Abbondanno, G Aerts, H Alvarez, F Alvarez-Velarde, ...
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Search for Sub-eV Mass Solar Axions by the CERN Axion Solar Telescope with Buffer Gas
M Arik, S Aune, K Barth, A Belov, S Borghi, H Bräuninger, G Cantatore, ...
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First results from the NEWS-G direct dark matter search experiment at the LSM
Q Arnaud, D Asner, JP Bard, A Brossard, B Cai, M Chapellier, M Clark, ...
Astroparticle Physics 97, 54-62, 2018
Neutron-induced fission cross section of and measured at the CERN Neutron Time-of-Flight (n_TOF) facility
C Paradela, L Tassan-Got, L Audouin, B Berthier, I Durán, L Ferrant, ...
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CAST search for sub-eV mass solar axions with He buffer gas
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Performance of the first ANTARES detector line
M Ageron, JA Aguilar, A Albert, F Ameli, M Anghinolfi, G Anton, S Anvar, ...
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Neutron capture cross section of : Bottleneck in the -process reaction flow
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High-accuracy determination of the neutron flux at n_TOF
M Barbagallo, C Guerrero, A Tsinganis, D Tarrio, S Altstadt, ...
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CAST constraints on the axion-electron coupling
K Barth, A Belov, B Beltran, H Bräuninger, JM Carmona, JI Collar, T Dafni, ...
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New measurement of neutron capture resonances in
C Domingo-Pardo, U Abbondanno, G Aerts, H Álvarez-Pol, ...
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Deep sea tests of a prototype of the KM3NeT digital optical module
S Adrián-Martínez, M Ageron, F Aharonian, S Aiello, A Albert, F Ameli, ...
The European Physical Journal C 74 (9), 1-8, 2014
A novel large-volume spherical detector with proportional amplification read-out
I Giomataris, I Irastorza, I Savvidis, S Andriamonje, S Aune, M Chapellier, ...
Journal of Instrumentation 3 (09), P09007, 2008
() cross section in the unresolved resonance region
C Lederer, N Colonna, C Domingo-Pardo, F Gunsing, F Käppeler, ...
Physical Review C 83 (3), 034608, 2011
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