James Fairhead
James Fairhead
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Misreading the African landscape: society and ecology in a forest-savanna mosaic
J Fairhead, M Leach
Cambridge University Press, 1996
Green grabbing: a new appropriation of nature?
J Fairhead, M Leach, I Scoones
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J Fairhead, M Leach
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J Fairhead, M Leach
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Vaccine anxieties: global science, child health and society
J Fairhead, M Leach
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J Fairhead, M Leach
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‘MMR talk’and vaccination choices: An ethnographic study in Brighton
M Poltorak, M Leach, J Fairhead, J Cassell
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Challenging neo‐Malthusian deforestation analyses in West Africa's dynamic forest landscapes
M Leach, J Fairhead
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Where techno-science meets poverty: Medical research and the economy of blood in The Gambia, West Africa
J Fairhead, M Leach, M Small
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Fashioned forest pasts, occluded histories? International environmental analysis in West African locales
M Leach, J Fairhead
Development and Change 31 (1), 35-59, 2000
Contested forests: Modern conservation and historical land use in Guinea's Ziama Reserve
J Fairhead, M Leach
African Affairs 93 (373), 481-512, 1994
Understanding social resistance to the Ebola response in the forest region of the Republic of Guinea: an anthropological perspective
J Fairhead
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M Leach, J Fairhead, J Fraser
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Ebola: limitations of correcting misinformation
C Chandler, J Fairhead, A Kelly, M Leach, F Martineau, E Mokuwa, ...
The Lancet 385 (9975), 1275-1277, 2015
The militarisation and marketisation of nature: An alternative lens to ‘climate-conflict’
A Dunlap, J Fairhead
Geopolitics 19 (4), 937-961, 2014
Local knowledge and the social shaping of soil investments: critical perspectives on the assessment of soil degradation in Africa
J Fairhead, I Scoones
Land use policy 22 (1), 33-41, 2005
International Dimensions of Conflict over
J Fairhead
Violent environments, 213, 2001
Rethinking the forest-savanna mosaic: colonial science and its relics in West Africa.
J Fairhead, M Leach
The lie of the land: challenging received wisdom on the African environment …, 1996
Manners of contestation:“citizen science” and “indigenous knowledge” in West Africa and the Caribbean
M Leach, J Fairhead
International Social Science Journal 54 (173), 299-311, 2002
Comparison of social resistance to Ebola response in Sierra Leone and Guinea suggests explanations lie in political configurations not culture
A Wilkinson, J Fairhead
Critical Public Health 27 (1), 14-27, 2017
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