Dераrtment of Informatics (Кафедра Інформатики)
Dераrtment of Informatics (Кафедра Інформатики)
Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics
Підтверджена електронна адреса в nure.ua - Домашня сторінка
Обработка изображений в робототехнике
ЕП Путятин
Москва, 1990
Analysis of Spatial-temporal Dynamics in the System of Economic Security of Different Subjects of Economic Management
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Fuzzy set theory approach as the basis of analysis of financial flows in the economical security system
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Структурное распознавание изображений на основе моделей голосования признаков характерных точек
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General methodology for implementation of image normalization procedure using its wavelet transform
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System model tooling for injection molding
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Properties of wavelet coefficients of self-similar time series
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The methodology of image processing in the study of the properties of fiber as a reinforcing agent in polymer compositions
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Comparison of standard image edge detection techniques and of method based on wavelet transform
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A partition metric for clustering features analysis
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Analysis of movement of financial flows of economical agents as the basis for designing the system of economical security (general conception)
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Efficiency of bank crediting of real sector of economy in the context of separate banking groups: an empirical example from Ukraine
V Lyashenko
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Defects of communication pipes from plastic in modern civil engineering
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Interrelations of banking sectors of European economies as reflected in separate indicators of the dynamics of their cash flows influencing the formation of the resource …
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Banking sectors of the economies of European countries in the representation of statistical interrelation between indices that characterize their development
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Methods of comparative analysis of banks functioning: classic and new approaches
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Efficient Estimation of Visual Object Relevance during Recognition through their Vector Descriptions
VA Gorokhovatskiy
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Some effect of Chemical treatment by Ferric Nitrate salts on the structure and morphology of Coir Fibre Composites
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A novel metric on partitions for image segmentation
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Відношення переваг у порівняльній оцінці діяльності банків
Г Азаренкова, В Ляшенко
Банківська справа 5, 65-72, 2009
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