J.A. Martín-Fernández
J.A. Martín-Fernández
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Dealing with zeros and missing values in compositional data sets using nonparametric imputation
JA Martín-Fernández, C Barceló-Vidal, V Pawlowsky-Glahn
Mathematical Geology 35 (3), 253-278, 2003
Logratio analysis and compositional distance
J Aitchison, C Barceló-Vidal, JA Martín-Fernández, V Pawlowsky-Glahn
Mathematical Geology 32 (3), 271-275, 2000
zCompositions—R package for multivariate imputation of left-censored data under a compositional approach
J Palarea-Albaladejo, JA Martín-Fernández
Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems 143, 85-96, 2015
Dealing with zeros
JA Martın-Fernandez, J Palarea-Albaladejo, RA Olea
Compositional data analysis, 43-58, 2011
Dealing with compositional data: the freeware CoDaPack
S Thió-Henestrosa, JA Martín-Fernández
Mathematical Geology 37 (7), 773-793, 2005
Compositional data analysis for physical activity, sedentary time and sleep research
D Dumuid, TE Stanford, JA Martin-Fernández, Ž Pedišić, CA Maher, ...
Statistical methods in medical research 27 (12), 3726-3738, 2018
The lunar exosphere: The sputtering contribution
P Wurz, U Rohner, JA Whitby, C Kolb, H Lammer, P Dobnikar, ...
Icarus 191 (2), 486-496, 2007
Mathematical foundations of compositional data analysis
C Barceló-Vidal, JA Martín-Fernández, V Pawlowsky-Glahn
Proceedings of IAMG 1, 1-20, 2001
A modified EM alr-algorithm for replacing rounded zeros in compositional data sets
J Palarea-Albaladejo, JA Martín-Fernández
Computers & Geosciences 34 (8), 902-917, 2008
Model-based replacement of rounded zeros in compositional data: classical and robust approaches
JA Martín-Fernández, K Hron, M Templ, P Filzmoser, ...
Computational Statistics & Data Analysis 56 (9), 2688-2704, 2012
Bayesian-multiplicative treatment of count zeros in compositional data sets
JA Martín-Fernández, K Hron, M Templ, P Filzmoser, ...
Statistical Modelling 15 (2), 134-158, 2015
A parametric approach for dealing with compositional rounded zeros
J Palarea-Albaladejo, JA Martín-Fernández, J Gómez-García
Mathematical Geology 39 (7), 625-645, 2007
Zero replacement in compositional data sets
JA Martín-Fernández, C Barceló-Vidal, V Pawlowsky-Glahn
Data analysis, classification, and related methods, 155-160, 2000
Self-consistent modelling of Mercury’s exosphere by sputtering, micro-meteorite impact and photon-stimulated desorption
P Wurz, JA Whitby, U Rohner, JA Martín-Fernández, H Lammer, C Kolb
Planetary and Space Science 58 (12), 1599-1616, 2010
Measures of difference for compositional data and hierarchical clustering methods
JA Martín-Fernández, C Barceló-Vidal, V Pawlowsky-Glahn, A Buccianti, ...
Proceedings of IAMG 98 (1), 526-531, 1998
The compositional isotemporal substitution model: a method for estimating changes in a health outcome for reallocation of time between sleep, physical activity and sedentary …
D Dumuid, Ž Pedišić, TE Stanford, JA Martín-Fernández, K Hron, ...
Statistical methods in medical research 28 (3), 846-857, 2019
Recycling of plastic waste: presence of phthalates in plastics from households and industry
K Pivnenko, MK Eriksen, JA Martín-Fernández, E Eriksson, TF Astrup
Waste Management 54, 44-52, 2016
Health-related quality of life and lifestyle behavior clusters in school-aged children from 12 countries
D Dumuid, T Olds, LK Lewis, JA Martin-Fernández, PT Katzmarzyk, ...
The Journal of pediatrics 183, 178-183. e2, 2017
Values below detection limit in compositional chemical data
J Palarea-Albaladejo, JA Martin-Fernandez
Analytica chimica acta 764, 32-43, 2013
Dealing with Distances and Transformations for Fuzzy C-Means Clustering of Compositional Data
J Palarea-Albaladejo, JA Martín-Fernández, JA Soto
Journal of classification 29 (2), 144-169, 2012
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