Olena Sevastyanova, PhD, Docent
Olena Sevastyanova, PhD, Docent
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Assesment of technical lignins for uses in biofuels and biomaterials: Structure-related properties, proximate analysis and chemical modification
O Gordobil, R Moriana, L Zhang, J Labidi, O Sevastyanova
Industrial crops and products 83, 155-165, 2016
Preparation of carbon adsorbents from lignosulfonate by phosphoric acid activation for the adsorption of metal ions
M Myglovets, OI Poddubnaya, O Sevastyanova, ME Lindström, B Gawdzik, ...
Carbon 80, 771-783, 2014
Assessment of chemical transformations in eucalyptus, sugarcane bagasse and straw during hydrothermal, dilute acid, and alkaline pretreatments
DM de Carvalho, O Sevastyanova, LS Penna, BP da Silva, ME Lindström, ...
Industrial Crops and Products 73, 118-126, 2015
Tailoring the molecular and thermo–mechanical properties of kraft lignin by ultrafiltration
O Sevastyanova, M Helander, S Chowdhury, H Lange, H Wedin, L Zhang, ...
Journal of Applied Polymer Science 131 (18), 2014
Isolation and characterization of acetylated glucuronoarabinoxylan from sugarcane bagasse and straw
DM de Carvalho, A Martínez-Abad, DV Evtuguin, JL Colodette, ...
Carbohydrate Polymers 156, 223-234, 2017
Solvent fractionation of softwood and hardwood kraft lignins for more efficient uses: Compositional, structural, thermal, antioxidant and adsorption properties
A Tagami, C Gioia, M Lauberts, T Budnyak, R Moriana, ME Lindström, ...
Industrial crops and products 129, 123-134, 2019
Methylene Blue dye sorption by hybrid materials from technical lignins
TM Budnyak, S Aminzadeh, IV Pylypchuk, D Sternik, VA Tertykh, ...
Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 6 (4), 4997-5007, 2018
Lignin-based epoxy resins: Unravelling the relationship between structure and material properties
C Gioia, M Colonna, A Tagami, L Medina, O Sevastyanova, LA Berglund, ...
Biomacromolecules 21 (5), 1920-1928, 2020
Carbon adsorbents from industrial hydrolysis lignin: The USSR/Eastern European experience and its importance for modern biorefineries
ML Rabinovich, O Fedoryak, G Dobele, A Andersone, B Gawdzik, ...
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 57, 1008-1024, 2016
Membrane filtration of kraft lignin: Structural charactristics and antioxidant activity of the low-molecular-weight fraction
S Aminzadeh, M Lauberts, G Dobele, J Ponomarenko, T Mattsson, ...
Industrial Crops and Products 112, 200-209, 2018
Fractional precipitation of wheat straw organosolv lignin: macroscopic properties and structural insights
H Lange, P Schiffels, M Sette, O Sevastyanova, C Crestini
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 4 (10), 5136-5151, 2016
Cold alkaline extraction as a pretreatment for bioethanol production from eucalyptus, sugarcane bagasse and sugarcane straw
DM de Carvalho, O Sevastyanova, JH de Queiroz, JL Colodette
Energy Conversion and management 124, 315-324, 2016
Effect of nanofillers as reinforcement agents for lignin composite fibers
O Sevastyanova, W Qin, JF Kadla
Journal of applied polymer science 117 (5), 2877-2881, 2010
Carbon materials from technical lignins: Recent advances
AM Puziy, OI Poddubnaya, O Sevastyanova
Lignin Chemistry, 95-128, 2020
Influence of various oxidizable structures on the brightness stability of fully bleached chemical pulps
O Sevastyanova, J Li, G Gellerstedt
Nordic Pulp & Paper Research Journal 21 (1), 49-53, 2006
Walnut shells as a potential low-cost lignocellulosic sorbent for dyes and metal ions
V Halysh, O Sevastyanova, AV Riazanova, B Pasalskiy, T Budnyak, ...
Cellulose 25 (8), 4729-4742, 2018
Fractionation of technical lignin with ionic liquids as a method for improving purity and antioxidant activity
M Lauberts, O Sevastyanova, J Ponomarenko, T Dizhbite, G Dobele, ...
Industrial crops and products 95, 512-520, 2017
On the reaction mechanism of the thermal yellowing of bleached chemical pulps
O Sevastyanova, J Li, G Gellerstedt
Nordic Pulp & Paper Research Journal 21 (2), 188-192, 2006
Preparation of lignin-containing porous microspheres through the copolymerization of lignin acrylate derivatives with styrene and divinylbenzene
B Podkościelna, M Sobiesiak, Y Zhao, B Gawdzik, O Sevastyanova
Holzforschung 69 (6), 769-776, 2015
The relationship between kappa number and oxidizable structures in bleached kraft pulps
J Li, O Sevastyanova, G Gellerstedt
Journal of Pulp and Paper Science (JPPS) 28 (8), 262-266, 2002
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