Igor V. Andrianov
Igor V. Andrianov
RWTH Aachen University
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Asymptotic approaches in nonlinear dynamics: New trends and applications
J Awrejcewicz, IV Andrianov, LI Manevitch
Springer Science & Business Media, 2012
Asymptotic homogenization of composite materials and structures
AL Kalamkarov, IV Andrianov, VV Danishevs’kyy
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Higher order asymptotic homogenization and wave propagation in periodic composite materials
IV Andrianov, VI Bolshakov, VV Danishevs' kyy, D Weichert
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Asymptotical mechanics of thin-walled structures
IV Andrianov, J Awrejcewicz, LI Manevitch
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Mechanics of periodically heterogeneous structures
LI Manevitch, IV Andrianov, VG Oshmyan
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Improved continuous models for discrete media
IV Andrianov, J Awrejcewicz, D Weichert
Mathematical Problems in Engineering 2010, 2010
New trends in asymptotic approaches: summation and interpolation methods
IV Andrianov, J Awrejcewicz
Asymptotic approaches in mechanics: new parameters and procedures
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Asymptotology: ideas, methods, and applications
IV Andrianov, LI Manevitch
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Asymptotic simulation of imperfect bonding in periodic fibre-reinforced composite materials under axial shear
IV Andrianov, VI Bolshakov, VV Danishevs’kyy, D Weichert
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Transitions from strongly to weakly nonlinear motions of damped nonlinear oscillators
G Salenger, AF Vakakis, O Gendelman, L Manevitch, I Andrianov
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Asymptotic methods in the theory of plates with mixed boundary conditions
I Andrianov, J Awrejcewicz, V Danishevs' kyy, A Ivankov
John Wiley & Sons, 2014
Construction of Periodic Solutions to Partial Differential Equations with Non-Linear Boundary Conditions.
I Andrianov, J Awrejcewicz
International Journal of Nonlinear Sciences and Numerical Simulation 1 (4 …, 2000
Homogenization procedure and Pad approximants for effective heat conductivity of composite materials with cylindrical inclusions having square cross-section
IV Andrianov, GA Starushenko, VV Danishevs' kyy, S Tokarzewski
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Asymptotic Methods in the Structural Mechanics of Thin-Walled Structures
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Approximate non-linear boundary value problems of reinforced shell dynamics
IV Andrianov, EG Kholod, VI Olevsky
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Application of Padé approximants in perturbation methods
IV Andrianov
Adv. Mech 14 (2), 3-25, 1991
Homogenization methods in the statics and dynamics of ribbed shells
IV Andrianov, VA Lesnichaya, LI Manevich
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Dynamic homogenization and wave propagation in a nonlinear 1D composite material
IV Andrianov, VV Danishevs’kyy, OI Ryzhkov, D Weichert
Wave Motion 50 (2), 271-281, 2013
Asymptotic determination of effective elastic properties of composite materials with fibrous square-shaped inclusions
IV Andrianov, VV Danishevs' kyy, D Weichert
European Journal of Mechanics-A/Solids 21 (6), 1019-1036, 2002
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