Jungsu Kim
Jungsu Kim
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The role of apolipoprotein E in Alzheimer's disease
J Kim, JM Basak, DM Holtzman
Neuron 63 (3), 287-303, 2009
Human apoE isoforms differentially regulate brain amyloid-β peptide clearance
JM Castellano, J Kim, FR Stewart, H Jiang, RB DeMattos, BW Patterson, ...
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CHIP and Hsp70 regulate tau ubiquitination, degradation and aggregation
L Petrucelli, D Dickson, K Kehoe, J Taylor, H Snyder, A Grover, ...
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Aβ42 is essential for parenchymal and vascular amyloid deposition in mice
E McGowan, F Pickford, J Kim, L Onstead, J Eriksen, C Yu, L Skipper, ...
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Aβ40 inhibits amyloid deposition in vivo
J Kim, L Onstead, S Randle, R Price, L Smithson, C Zwizinski, ...
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Overexpression of ABCA1 reduces amyloid deposition in the PDAPP mouse model of Alzheimer disease
SE Wahrle, H Jiang, M Parsadanian, J Kim, A Li, A Knoten, S Jain, ...
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Serotonin signaling is associated with lower amyloid-β levels and plaques in transgenic mice and humans
JR Cirrito, BM Disabato, JL Restivo, DK Verges, WD Goebel, A Sathyan, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108 (36), 14968-14973, 2011
Attenuating astrocyte activation accelerates plaque pathogenesis in APP/PS1 mice
AW Kraft, X Hu, H Yoon, P Yan, Q Xiao, Y Wang, SC Gil, J Brown, ...
The FASEB Journal 27 (1), 187-198, 2013
Overexpression of low-density lipoprotein receptor in the brain markedly inhibits amyloid deposition and increases extracellular Aβ clearance
J Kim, JM Castellano, H Jiang, JM Basak, M Parsadanian, V Pham, ...
Neuron 64 (5), 632-644, 2009
Control of cholesterol metabolism and plasma high-density lipoprotein levels by microRNA-144
CM Ramírez, N Rotllan, AV Vlassov, A Dávalos, M Li, L Goedeke, ...
Circulation research 112 (12), 1592-1601, 2013
miR-106b impairs cholesterol efflux and increases Aβ levels by repressing ABCA1 expression
J Kim, H Yoon, CM Ramírez, SM Lee, HS Hoe, C Fernández-Hernando, ...
Experimental neurology 235 (2), 476-483, 2012
APOE4-specific changes in Aβ accumulation in a new transgenic mouse model of Alzheimer disease
KL Youmans, LM Tai, E Nwabuisi-Heath, L Jungbauer, T Kanekiyo, ...
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Bifunctional Compounds for Controlling Metal-Mediated Aggregation of the Aβ42 Peptide
AK Sharma, ST Pavlova, J Kim, D Finkelstein, NJ Hawco, NP Rath, J Kim, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 134 (15), 6625-6636, 2012
Haploinsufficiency of human APOE reduces amyloid deposition in a mouse model of amyloid-β amyloidosis
J Kim, H Jiang, S Park, AEM Eltorai, FR Stewart, H Yoon, JM Basak, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 31 (49), 18007-18012, 2011
Low-density lipoprotein receptor represents an apolipoprotein E-independent pathway of Aβ uptake and degradation by astrocytes
JM Basak, PB Verghese, H Yoon, J Kim, DM Holtzman
Journal of Biological Chemistry 287 (17), 13959-13971, 2012
Genome-wide association study of corticobasal degeneration identifies risk variants shared with progressive supranuclear palsy
Nature communications 6, 7247, 2015
Insights into the mechanisms of action of anti‐Aβ antibodies in Alzheimer's disease mouse models
Y Levites, LA Smithson, RW Price, RS Dakin, B Yuan, MR Sierks, J Kim, ...
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BRI2 (ITM2b) inhibits Aβ deposition in vivo
J Kim, VM Miller, Y Levites, KJ West, CW Zwizinski, BD Moore, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 28 (23), 6030-6036, 2008
Mercaptoacetamide-based class II HDAC inhibitor lowers Aβ levels and improves learning and memory in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease
YM Sung, T Lee, H Yoon, AM DiBattista, JM Song, Y Sohn, EI Moffat, ...
Experimental neurology 239, 192-201, 2013
Apolipoprotein E in synaptic plasticity and Alzheimer’s disease: potential cellular and molecular mechanisms
J Kim, H Yoon, J Basak, J Kim
Molecules and cells 37 (11), 767, 2014
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