Mateusz Baca
Mateusz Baca
University of Warsaw, Laboratory of Paleogenetics and Conservation Genetics
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Ancient DNA reveals kinship burial patterns of a pre-Columbian Andean community
M Baca, K Doan, M Sobczyk, A Stankovic, P Węgleński
BMC genetics 13 (1), 30, 2012
Synchronous genetic turnovers across Western Eurasia in Late Pleistocene collared lemmings
E Palkopoulou, M Baca, NI Abramson, M Sablin, P Socha, ...
Global Change Biology 22 (5), 1710-1721, 2016
Retreat and extinction of the Late Pleistocene cave bear (Ursus spelaeus sensu lato)
M Baca, D Popović, K Stefaniak, A Marciszak, M Urbanowski, ...
The Science of Nature 103 (11-12), 92, 2016
First ancient DNA sequences of the Late Pleistocene red deer (Cervus elaphus) from the Crimea, Ukraine
A Stankovic, K Doan, P Mackiewicz, B Ridush, M Baca, R Gromadka, ...
Quaternary International 245 (2), 262-267, 2011
The history of sturgeon in the Baltic Sea
D Popović, H Panagiotopoulou, M Baca, K Stefaniak, P Mackiewicz, ...
Journal of biogeography 41 (8), 1590-1602, 2014
Genetic analysis of cave bear specimens from Niedźwiedzia Cave, Sudetes, Poland
M Baca, A Stankovic, K Stefaniak, A Marciszak, M Hofreiter, ...
Palaeontologia Electronica 15 (21A), 16, 2012
Ancient DNA and dating of cave bear remains from Niedźwiedzia Cave suggest early appearance of Ursus ingressus in Sudetes
M Baca, P Mackiewicz, A Stankovic, D Popović, K Stefaniak, ...
Quaternary International 339, 217–223, 2014
Locals, resettlers, and pilgrims: A genetic portrait of three pre‐Columbian Andean populations
M Baca, M Molak, M Sobczyk, P Węgleński, A Stankovic
American journal of physical anthropology 154 (3), 402-412, 2014
Research on ancient DNA in the Near East
M Baca, M Molak
Bioarchaeology of the Near East 2, 39-61, 2008
Impact of climatic changes in the Late Pleistocene on migrations and extinction of mammals in Europe: four case studies
M Baca, A Nadachowski, G Lipecki, P Mackiewicz, A Marciszak, ...
Geological Quarterly 61 (2), 291-304; doi: 10.7306/gq. 1319, 2017
Human-mediated dispersal of cats in the Neolithic Central Europe
M Baca, D Popović, H Panagiotopoulou, A Marciszak, M Krajcarz, ...
Heredity 121 (6), 557-563, 2018
On the trail of the oldest domestic cat in Poland. An insight from morphometry, ancient DNA and radiocarbon dating
M Krajcarz, D Makowiecki, MT Krajcarz, A Masłowska, M Baca, ...
International Journal of Osteoarchaeology 26 (5), 912-919, 2016
Estimating the extinction time of two cave bears, Ursus spelaeus and U. ingressus
P Mackiewicz, M Baca, D Popović, P Socha, K Stefaniak, A Marciszak, ...
Acta zoologica cracoviensia 60 (2), 1-14, 2017
Restitution of vimba (Vimba vimba, Cyprinidae) in Poland: genetic variability of existing and restored populations
D Popovic, H Panagiotopoulou, M Kleszcz, M Baca, R Rutkowski, ...
Ichthyological Research 60 (2), 149-158, 2013
Highly divergent lineage of narrow-headed vole from the Late Pleistocene Europe
M Baca, D Popović, A Lemanik, K Baca, I Horáček, A Nadachowski
Scientific reports 9 (1), 1-10, 2019
Impact of climate and humans on the range dynamics of the woolly mammoth (Mammuthus primigenius) in Europe during MIS 2
A Nadachowski, G Lipecki, M Baca, M Żmihorski, J Wilczyński
Quaternary Research 90 (3), 439-456, 2018
A PCR‐RFLP based test for distinguishing European and Atlantic sturgeons
H Panagiotopoulou, M Baca, D Popovic, P Weglenski, A Stankovic
Journal of Applied Ichthyology 30 (1), 14-17, 2014
The impact of major warming at 14.7 ka on environmental changes and activity of Final Palaeolithic hunters at a local scale (Orawa-Nowy Targ Basin, Western Carpathians, Poland
A Lemanik, M Baca, K Wertz, P Socha, D Popović, T Tomek, G Lipecki, ...
Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences 12 (3), 66, 2020
Optimization and validation of a multiplex assay for microsatellite loci analysis in the field cricket, Gryllus campestris (Orthoptera: Gryllidae)
H Panagiotopoulou, M Baca, K Baca, A Stanković, M Żmihorski
Journal of Asia-Pacific Entomology 18 (3), 421-424, 2015
Molecular species assignment and dating of putative pre-Columbian dog remains excavated from Bolivia
D Popović, VM España, M Ziółkowski, P Weglenski, M Baca
Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 31, 102273, 2020
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