Hans Christian Schneider
Hans Christian Schneider
Physics Department and State Research Center OPTIMAS, University of Kaiserslautern
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Ultrafast demagnetization of ferromagnetic transition metals: The role of the Coulomb interaction
M Krauß, T Roth, S Alebrand, D Steil, M Cinchetti, M Aeschlimann, ...
Physical Review B 80 (18), 180407, 2009
Spin-flip processes and ultrafast magnetization dynamics in Co: Unifying the microscopic and macroscopic view of femtosecond magnetism
M Cinchetti, MS Albaneda, D Hoffmann, T Roth, JP Wüstenberg, M Krauß, ...
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Manifestation of coherent spin precession in stimulated semiconductor emission dynamics
S Hallstein, JD Berger, M Hilpert, HC Schneider, WW Rühle, F Jahnke, ...
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Theory of quantum-coherence phenomena in semiconductor quantum dots
WW Chow, HC Schneider, MC Phillips
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Feedback effect during ultrafast demagnetization dynamics in ferromagnets
BY Mueller, A Baral, S Vollmar, M Cinchetti, M Aeschlimann, ...
Physical review letters 111 (16), 167204, 2013
Many-body effects in the gain spectra of highly excited quantum-dot lasers
HC Schneider, WW Chow, SW Koch
Physical Review B 64 (11), 115315, 2001
Electron-phonon scattering dynamics in ferromagnetic metals and their influence on ultrafast demagnetization processes
S Essert, HC Schneider
Physical Review B 84 (22), 224405, 2011
Filamentation and linewidth enhancement factor in InGaAs quantum dot lasers
PM Smowton, EJ Pearce, HC Schneider, WW Chow, M Hopkinson
Applied physics letters 81 (17), 3251-3253, 2002
Excitation-induced dephasing in semiconductor quantum dots
HC Schneider, WW Chow, SW Koch
Physical Review B 70 (23), 235308, 2004
Band-Structure-Dependent Demagnetization in the Heusler Alloy
D Steil, S Alebrand, T Roth, M Krauß, T Kubota, M Oogane, Y Ando, ...
Physical review letters 105 (21), 217202, 2010
Nonequilibrium model for semiconductor laser modulation response
WW Chow, HC Schneider, SW Koch, CH Chang, L Chrostowski, ...
IEEE journal of quantum electronics 38 (4), 402-409, 2002
Self-amplified photo-induced gap quenching in a correlated electron material
S Mathias, S Eich, J Urbancic, S Michael, AV Carr, S Emmerich, A Stange, ...
Nature communications 7 (1), 1-8, 2016
Polariton propagation in high quality semiconductors: Microscopic theory and experiment versus additional boundary conditions
HC Schneider, F Jahnke, SW Koch, J Tignon, T Hasche, DS Chemla
Physical Review B 63 (4), 045202, 2001
Emission dynamics and optical gain of 1.3-/spl mu/m (GaIn)(NAs)/GaAs lasers
MR Hofmann, N Gerhardt, AM Wagner, C Ellmers, F Hohnsdorf, J Koch, ...
IEEE journal of quantum electronics 38 (2), 213-221, 2002
Anomalous carrier-induced dispersion in quantum-dot active media
HC Schneider, WW Chow, SW Koch
Physical Review B 66 (4), 041310, 2002
Unified picture of polariton propagation in bulk GaAs semiconductors
J Tignon, T Hasche, DS Chemla, HC Schneider, F Jahnke, SW Koch
Physical review letters 84 (15), 3382, 2000
Optical absorption spectra of finite systems from a conserving Bethe-Salpeter equation approach
G Pal, Y Pavlyukh, W Hübner, HC Schneider
The European Physical Journal B 79 (3), 327-334, 2011
Contributions to the large blue emission shift in a GaAsSb type-II laser
WW Chow, OB Spahn, HC Schneider, JE Klem
IEEE journal of quantum electronics 37 (9), 1178-1182, 2001
Charge-separation effects in 1.3 μm GaAsSb type-II quantum-well laser gain
WW Chow, HC Schneider
Applied Physics Letters 78 (26), 4100-4102, 2001
Modification of spintronic terahertz emitter performance through defect engineering
DM Nenno, L Scheuer, D Sokoluk, S Keller, G Torosyan, A Brodyanski, ...
Scientific reports 9 (1), 1-16, 2019
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