Zhigang Xiong
Zhigang Xiong
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Graphene-based electrodes for electrochemical energy storage
C Xu, B Xu, Y Gu, Z Xiong, J Sun, XS Zhao
Energy & Environmental Science 6 (5), 1388-1414, 2013
Graphene–metal–oxide composites for the degradation of dyes under visible light irradiation
J Zhang, Z Xiong, XS Zhao
Journal of Materials Chemistry 21 (11), 3634-3640, 2011
Photocatalytic degradation of dyes over graphene–gold nanocomposites under visible light irradiation
Z Xiong, LL Zhang, J Ma, XS Zhao
Chemical Communications 46 (33), 6099-6101, 2010
Preparation, characterization and antibacterial properties of silver-modified graphene oxide
J Ma, J Zhang, Z Xiong, Y Yong, XS Zhao
Journal of Materials Chemistry 21 (10), 3350-3352, 2011
Nitrogen-doped titanate-anatase core–shell nanobelts with exposed {101} anatase facets and enhanced visible light photocatalytic activity
Z Xiong, XS Zhao
Journal of the American Chemical Society 134 (13), 5754-5757, 2012
Porous photocatalysts for advanced water purifications
JH Pan, H Dou, Z Xiong, C Xu, J Ma, XS Zhao
Journal of Materials Chemistry 20 (22), 4512-4528, 2010
Pillaring chemically exfoliated graphene oxide with carbon nanotubes for photocatalytic degradation of dyes under visible light irradiation
LL Zhang, Z Xiong, XS Zhao
Acs Nano 4 (11), 7030-7036, 2010
Silver-modified mesoporous TiO2 photocatalyst for water purification
Z Xiong, J Ma, WJ Ng, TD Waite, XS Zhao
Water research 45 (5), 2095-2103, 2011
Mesoporous carbon-coated LiFePO 4 nanocrystals co-modified with graphene and Mg 2+ doping as superior cathode materials for lithium ion batteries
B Wang, B Xu, T Liu, P Liu, C Guo, S Wang, Q Wang, Z Xiong, D Wang, ...
Nanoscale 6 (2), 986-995, 2014
Rate enhancement and rate inhibition of phenol degradation over irradiated anatase and rutile TiO2 on the addition of NaF: new insight into the mechanism
Y Xu, K Lv, Z Xiong, W Leng, W Du, D Liu, X Xue
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 111 (51), 19024-19032, 2007
A composite electrode consisting of nickel hydroxide, carbon nanotubes, and reduced graphene oxide with an ultrahigh electrocapacitance
LL Zhang, Z Xiong, XS Zhao
Journal of power sources 222, 326-332, 2013
Visible‐Light‐Induced Dye Degradation over Copper‐Modified Reduced Graphene Oxide
Z Xiong, LL Zhang, XS Zhao
Chemistry–A European Journal 17 (8), 2428-2434, 2011
Photosensitized oxidation of substituted phenols on aluminum phthalocyanine-intercalated organoclay
Z Xiong, Y Xu, L Zhu, J Zhao
Environmental science & technology 39 (2), 651-657, 2005
Fundamentals of coal topping gasification: Characterization of pyrolysis topping in a fluidized bed reactor
R Xiong, L Dong, J Yu, X Zhang, L Jin, G Xu
Fuel processing technology 91 (8), 810-817, 2010
Fabrication of TiO2 Binary Inverse Opals without Overlayers via the Sandwich-Vacuum Infiltration of Precursor
Z Cai, J Teng, Z Xiong, Y Li, Q Li, X Lu, XS Zhao
Langmuir 27 (8), 5157-5164, 2011
In situ gold-loaded titania photonic crystals with enhanced photocatalytic activity
Z Cai, Z Xiong, X Lu, J Teng
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2 (2), 545-553, 2014
Enhanced photodegradation of 2, 4, 6-trichlorophenol over palladium phthalocyaninesulfonate modified organobentonite
Z Xiong, Y Xu, L Zhu, J Zhao
Langmuir 21 (23), 10602-10607, 2005
Immobilization of palladium phthalocyaninesulfonate onto anionic clay for sorption and oxidation of 2, 4, 6-trichlorophenol under visible light irradiation
Z Xiong, Y Xu
Chemistry of materials 19 (6), 1452-1458, 2007
Synthesis of TiO 2 with controllable ratio of anatase to rutile
Z Xiong, H Wu, L Zhang, Y Gu, XS Zhao
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2 (24), 9291-9297, 2014
Plasmonic ELISA based on enzyme-assisted etching of Au nanorods for the highly sensitive detection of aflatoxin B1 in corn samples
Y Xiong, K Pei, Y Wu, H Duan, W Lai, Y Xiong
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 267, 320-327, 2018
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