Sasha RX Dall
Sasha RX Dall
Centre for Ecology & Conservation, University of Exeter
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Information and its use by animals in evolutionary ecology
SRX Dall, LA Giraldeau, O Olsson, JM McNamara, DW Stephens
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The behavioural ecology of personality: consistent individual differences from an adaptive perspective
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Inclusive fitness theory and eusociality
P Abbot, J Abe, J Alcock, S Alizon, JAC Alpedrinha, M Andersson, ...
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Sexual selection and animal personality
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An evolutionary ecology of individual differences
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The ecology of information: an overview on the ecological significance of making informed decisions
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Sex differences, social context and personality in zebra finches, Taeniopygia guttata
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Estimating individual contributions to population growth: evolutionary fitness in ecological time
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Foraging games between gerbils and their predators: temporal dynamics of resource depletion and apprehension in gerbils
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The evolution of individual and cultural variation in social learning
A Mesoudi, L Chang, SRX Dall, A Thornton
Trends in ecology & evolution 31 (3), 215-225, 2016
Pairs of zebra finches with similar [] personalities' make better parents
W Schuett, SRX Dall, NJ Royle
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Evolution of trust and trustworthiness: social awareness favours personality differences
JM McNamara, PA Stephens, SRX Dall, AI Houston
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Food insecurity as a driver of obesity in humans: The insurance hypothesis
D Nettle, C Andrews, M Bateson
Behavioral and Brain Sciences 40, 2017
Predictive systems ecology
MR Evans, M Bithell, SJ Cornell, SRX Dall, S Díaz, S Emmott, B Ernande, ...
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 280 (1771), 20131452, 2013
The information costs of generalism
SRX Dall, IC Cuthill
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Badger social networks correlate with tuberculosis infection
N Weber, SP Carter, SRX Dall, RJ Delahay, JL McDonald, S Bearhop, ...
Current Biology 23 (20), R915-R916, 2013
Managing uncertainty: information and insurance under the risk of starvation
SRX Dall, RA Johnstone
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B …, 2002
Information is a fitness enhancing resource
JM McNamara, SRX Dall
Oikos 119 (2), 231-236, 2010
An empiricist guide to animal personality variation in ecology and evolution
SRX Dall, SC Griffith
Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 2, 3, 2014
Do Female Zebra Finches, Taeniopygia guttata, Choose Their Mates Based on Their ‘Personality’?
W Schuett, JGJ Godin, SRX Dall
Ethology, 2011
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