Rebecca S Snell
Rebecca S Snell
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Using dynamic vegetation models to simulate plant range shifts
RS Snell, A Huth, JEMS Nabel, G Bocedi, JMJ Travis, D Gravel, ...
Ecography 37 (12), 1184-1197, 2014
Life history traits in selfing versus outcrossing annuals: exploring the'time-limitation'hypothesis for the fitness benefit of self-pollination
R Snell, LW Aarssen
BMC ecology 5 (1), 2, 2005
Herbaceous Understorey: An Overlooked Player in Forest Landscape Dynamics?
T Thrippleton, H Bugmann, K Kramer-Priewasser, RS Snell
Ecosystems 19 (7), 1240-1254, 2016
Consequences of intraspecific variation in seed dispersal for plant demography, communities, evolution and global change
RS Snell, NG Beckman, E Fricke, BA Loiselle, CS Carvalho, LR Jones, ...
AoB Plants 11 (4), plz016, 2019
From monocultures to mixed-species forests: is tree diversity key for providing ecosystem services at the landscape scale?
LJ Schuler, H Bugmann, RS Snell
Landscape Ecology 32 (7), 1499-1516, 2017
Using a dynamic forest model to predict tree species distributions
AG Gutiérrez, RS Snell, H Bugmann
Global ecology and biogeography 25 (3), 347-358, 2016
Simulating long‐distance seed dispersal in a dynamic vegetation model
RS Snell
Global ecology and biogeography 23 (1), 89-98, 2014
Consideration of dispersal processes and northern refugia can improve our understanding of past plant migration rates in North America
RS Snell, SA Cowling
Journal of Biogeography 42 (9), 1677-1688, 2015
Interaction effects of targeted agri-environmental payments on non-marketed goods and services under climate change in a mountain region
R Huber, S Rebecca, M François, BS Hanna, S Dirk, F Robert
Land Use Policy 66, 49-60, 2017
Inter-and transdisciplinary perspective on the integration of ecological processes into ecosystem services analysis in a mountain region
R Huber, S Briner, H Bugmann, C Elkin, C Hirschi, R Seidl, R Snell, ...
Ecological Processes 3 (1), 9, 2014
Overstorey–Understorey Interactions Intensify After Drought-Induced Forest Die-Off: Long-Term Effects for Forest Structure and Composition
T Thrippleton, H Bugmann, M Folini, RS Snell
Ecosystems 21 (4), 723-739, 2018
Intrinsic and extrinsic drivers of intraspecific variation in seed dispersal are diverse and pervasive
EW Schupp, R Zwolak, LR Jones, RS Snell, NG Beckman, C Aslan, ...
AoB Plants 11 (6), plz067, 2019
Determining sectoral and regional sensitivity to climate and socio-economic change in Europe using impact response surfaces
S Fronzek, TR Carter, N Pirttioja, R Alkemade, E Audsley, H Bugmann, ...
Regional Environmental Change 19 (3), 679-693, 2019
Employing plant functional groups to advance seed dispersal ecology and conservation
C Aslan, NG Beckman, HS Rogers, J Bronstein, D Zurell, F Hartig, K Shea, ...
AoB Plants 11 (2), plz006, 2019
Advancing an interdisciplinary framework to study seed dispersal ecology
NG Beckman, CE Aslan, HS Rogers, O Kogan, JL Bronstein, JM Bullock, ...
AoB Plants 12 (2), plz048, 2020
Herbaceous competition and browsing may induce arrested succession in central European forests
T Thrippleton, H Bugmann, RS Snell
Journal of Ecology 106 (3), 1120-1132, 2018
Tree growth response to shifting soil nutrient economy depends on mycorrhizal associations
JL DeForest, RS Snell
New Phytologist 225 (6), 2557-2566, 2020
Importance of climate uncertainty for projections of forest ecosystem services
RS Snell, C Elkin, S Kotlarski, H Bugmann
Regional Environmental Change 18 (7), 2145-2159, 2018
How multiple and interacting disturbances shape tree diversity in European mountain landscapes
LJ Schuler, H Bugmann, G Petter, RS Snell
Landscape Ecology 34 (6), 1279-1294, 2019
Direct and indirect effects of ants on seed predation in moth/yucca mutualisms
RS Snell, JF Addicott
Ecoscience 15 (3), 305-314, 2008
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