Natalya Strizhakova
Natalya Strizhakova
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Supercapacitor and a method of manufacturing such a supercapacitor
Y Maletin, N Strizhakova, S Kozachkov, A Mironova, S Podmogilny, ...
US Patent 6,697,249, 2004
Triribbed-functionalized clathrochelate iron (II) dioximates as a new and promising tool to obtain polynucleating and polynuclear compounds with improved properties
YZ Voloshin, OA Varzatskii, TE Kron, VK Belsky, VE Zavodnik, ...
Inorganic Chemistry 39 (9), 1907-1918, 2000
Supercapacitor and a method of manufacturing such a supercapacitor
Y Maletin, N Strizhakova, S Kozachkov, A Mironova, S Podmogilny, ...
US Patent 6,602,742, 2003
Tris‐Dioximate Cobalt (I, II, III) Clathrochelates: Stabilization of Different Oxidation and Spin States of an Encapsulated Metal Ion by Ribbed Functionalization
YZ Voloshin, OA Varzatskii, VV Novikov, NG Strizhakova, II Vorontsov, ...
European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry 2010 (34), 5401-5415, 2010
Clathrochelate monoribbed-functionalized iron (ii) α-dioximates: synthetic pathways and structural and electrochemical features
YZ Voloshin, VE Zavodnik, OA Varzatskii, VK Belsky, AV Palchik, ...
Journal of the Chemical Society, Dalton Transactions, 1193-1202, 2002
Matching the nanoporous carbon electrodes and organic electrolytes in double layer capacitors
Y Maletin, P Novak, E Shembel, V Izotov, N Strizhakova, A Mironova, ...
Applied Physics A 82, 653-657, 2006
Carbon based electrochemical double layer capacitors of low internal resistance
Y Maletin, V Strelko, N Stryzhakova, S Zelinsky, AB Rozhenko, ...
Energy Environ. Res 3 (2), 156-165, 2013
Encapsulation of ruthenium (ii) with macrobicyclic dioxime-functionalized ligands: on the way to new types of DNA-cleaving agents and probes
YZ Voloshin, OA Varzatskii, TE Kron, VK Belsky, VE Zavodnik, ...
Journal of the Chemical Society, Dalton Transactions, 1203-1211, 2002
First trigonal-antiprismatic tris-dichloroglyoximate iron (II) clathrochelate and its reactivity in nucleophilic substitution reactions
YZ Voloshin, OA Varzatskii, AV Palchik, NG Strizhakova, II Vorontsov, ...
New Journal of Chemistry 27 (7), 1148-1155, 2003
Methods of forming nanoporous carbon material and electrodes and electrochemical double layer capacitors therefrom
Y Maletin, P Novak, E Shembel, V Izotov, A Myronova, N Stryzhakova, ...
US Patent App. 11/182,507, 2008
Pathways of directed synthesis of iron (II) clathrochelates and polyclathrochelates with non-equivalent capping groups starting from antimony-and germanium-containing precursors
YZ Voloshin, OA Varzatskii, SV Korobko, MY Antipin, II Vorontsov, ...
Inorganica chimica acta 357 (11), 3187-3204, 2004
Synthesis, spectral and electrochemical characteristics of asymmetrical iron (II) tris-dioximates
YZ Voloshin, OA Varzatskii, AV Palchik, EV Polshin, YA Maletin, ...
Polyhedron 17 (25-26), 4315-4326, 1998
Synthesis, X-ray structure and redox properties of the macrobicyclic iron (II) N2-and S2-containing vic-dioximates
YZ Voloshin, OA Varzatskii, AS Belov, ZA Starikova, NG Strizhakova, ...
Inorganica Chimica Acta 363 (1), 134-146, 2010
New capping agents for oximehydrazonate clathrochelates: sterically controlled synthesis, structural characterization and intramolecular reactions
YZ Voloshin, AI Stash, OA Varzatskii, VK Belsky, YA Maletin, ...
Inorganica chimica acta 284 (2), 180-190, 1999
Tris (trifluoromethyl) germanium iodide as a new cross-linking agent in the synthesis of clathrochelates: monomeric mono-and binuclear iron (II) complexes formed by capping …
YZ Voloshin, OA Varzatskii, NG Strizhakova, EY Tkachenko
Inorganica Chimica Acta 299 (1), 104-111, 2000
New approach to ultracapacitor technology: what it can offer to electrified vehicles
Y Maletin, N Stryzhakova, S Zelinskyi, S Chernukhin, D Tretyakov, ...
Journal of Energy and Power Engineering 9 (6), 585-591, 2015
Electrochemical double layer capacitor
YA Maletin, SM Podmogilny, NG Stryzhakova, AA Mironova, VV Danylin, ...
US Patent App. 11/959,912, 2008
Ribbed-functionalized iron (ii) tris-dioximate clathrochelates with pendant fragments of various types: synthetic pathways, structures, and properties
YZ Voloshin, OA Varzatskii, II Vorontsov, MY Antipin, AY Lebedev, ...
Russian chemical bulletin 53, 92-98, 2004
Methods for manufacturing carbon electrodes for supercapacitors: Pros and Cons
DM Drobny, SA Tychyna, YA Maletin, NG Stryzhakova, SA Zelinskyi
Proceedings of the international conference Nanomaterials: applications and …, 2013
Novel type of storage cells based on electrochemical double-layer capacitors
YA Maletin, NG Strizhakova, VY Izotov, SG Kozachkov, AA Mironova, ...
New Promising Electrochemical Systems for Rechargeable Batteries, 363-372, 1996
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