Vyacheslav Gorshkov
Vyacheslav Gorshkov
National Technical University of Ukraine "Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute"
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Topological charge and angular momentum of light beams carrying optical vortices
MS Soskin, VN Gorshkov, MV Vasnetsov, JT Malos, NR Heckenberg
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Model of controlled synthesis of uniform colloid particles: cadmium sulfide
S Libert, V Gorshkov, D Goia, E Matijević, V Privman
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Sh. Kogan, VN Gorshkov, and GP Berman
D Mozyrsky
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Semiclassical Monte-Carlo approach for modelling non-adiabatic dynamics in extended molecules
VN Gorshkov, S Tretiak, D Mozyrsky
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Shape selection in diffusive growth of colloids and nanoparticles
V Gorshkov, A Zavalov, V Privman
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Spin relaxation caused by thermal excitations of high-frequency modes of cantilever vibrations
GP Berman, VN Gorshkov, D Rugar, VI Tsifrinovich
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Magnetic resonance force microscopy and a single-spin measurement
B Fausto
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Models of synthesis of uniform colloids and nanocrystals
V Gorshkov, V Privman
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Liquid metal microdroplet source for deposition purposes
VV Vladimirov, VE Badan, VN Gorshkov, IA Soloshenko
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Stability of liquid-metal ion sources
VV Vladimirov, VN Gorshkov
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Permanent magnet plasma lens
A Goncharov, V Gorshkov, S Gubarev, A Dobrovolsky, I Protsenko, ...
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Wavefront motion in the vicinity of a phase dislocation:“optical vortex”
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Morphology of nanoclusters and nanopillars formed in nonequilibrium surface growth for catalysis applications
V Gorshkov, O Zavalov, PB Atanassov, V Privman
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Reduction of laser intensity scintillations in turbulent atmospheres using time averaging of a partially coherent beam
GP Berman, AR Bishop, BM Chernobrod, VN Gorshkov, DC Lizon, ...
Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 42 (22), 225403, 2009
Synthesis of optical vortices by technique of a phase wedge
VN Gorshkov, AN Khoroshun, MS Soskin
Saratov Fall Meeting 2001: Coherent Optics of Ordered and Random Media II …, 2002
Microdroplet emission and instabilities in liquid-metal ion sources
VV Vladimirov, VE Badan, VN Gorshkov
Surface science 266 (1-3), 185-190, 1992
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