Alex Mason
Alex Mason
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Monitoring of nitrates and phosphates in wastewater: current technologies and further challenges
O Korostynska, A Mason, A Al-Shamma’a
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Real-time water quality monitoring with chemical sensors
I Yaroshenko, D Kirsanov, M Marjanovic, PA Lieberzeit, O Korostynska, ...
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Online vehicle and atmospheric pollution monitoring using GIS and wireless sensor networks
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Detectability of the degree of freeze damage in meat depends on analytic-tool selection
B Egelandsdal, SM Abie, S Bjarnadottir, H Zhu, H Kolstad, F Bjerke, ...
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Noninvasive In-Situ Measurement of Blood Lactate Using Microwave Sensors
A Mason, O Korostynska, J Louis, LE Cordova-Lopez, B Abdullah, ...
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Non-Invasive Monitoring Device
A Al-Shamma'a, A Mason, A Shaw
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Sensing technology: Current status and future trends III
A Mason, SC Mukhopadhyay, KP Jayasundera
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Flexible electromagnetic wave sensor operating at GHz frequencies for instantaneous concentration measurements of NaCl, KCl, MnCl2 and CuCl solutions
O Korostynska, M Ortoneda-Pedrola, A Mason, AI Al-Shamma'a
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Peer-to-peer inventory management of returnable transport items: A design science approach
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HEPA filter material load detection using a microwave cavity sensor
A Mason, S Wylie, A Thomas, H Keele, A Shaw, AI Al-Shamma’a
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