Larysa Dubey
Larysa Dubey
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Side reactions of onium coupling reagents BOP and HBTU in the synthesis of silica polymer supports
LV Dubey, IY Dubey
Ukrainica bioorganica acta 1, 13-19, 2005
Design and study of telomerase inhibitors based on G-quadruplex ligands
VV Negrutska, LV Dubey, MM Ilchenko, IY Dubey
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Spectroscopic studies on binding of porphyrinphenazine conjugate to intramolecular G-quadruplex formed by 22-mer oligonucleotide
VN Zozulya, OA Ryazanova, IM Voloshin, LV Dubey, IY Dubey
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Recombinant Staphylococcal protein A with cysteine residue for preparation of affinity chromatography stationary phase and immunosensor applications
OB Gorbatiuk, AO Bakhmachuk, LV Dubey, MO Usenko, DM Irodov, ...
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Studies on interaction of oligoadenylates with proteins in vitro by MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry
SM Levchenko, AV Rebriev, VV Tkachuk, LV Dubey, IY Dubey, ...
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Fluorescent Studies on Cooperative Binding of Cationic Pheophorbide‐a Derivative to Polyphosphate
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Fluorescent Studies on Cooperative Binding of Cationic Pheophorbide-a Derivative to Polyphosphate
O Rtazanova, I Voloshin, I Dubey, L Dubey, V Zozulya
Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 1130 (1), 293-299, 2008
Synthesis, structure and antiproliferative activity of cationic porphyrin-imidazophenazine conjugate
LV Dubey, MM Ilchenko, VN Zozulya, OA Ryazanova, PV Pogrebnoy, ...
Int. Rev. Biophys. Chem.–2011.–2, 147-152, 2011
Spectroscopic studies on binding of cationic Pheophorbide-a derivative to model polynucleotides
O Ryazanova, IM Voloshin, IY Dubey, LV Dubey, VN Zozulya
14th Nordic-Baltic Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics …, 2008
Synthesis of 2’-5’-oligoadenylates and study on their effect on proliferation and migration of bone marrow stem cells of mice in vitro and in vivo
ZY Tkachuk, IY Dubey, TG Yakovenko, LI Semernikova, SO Shapoval, ...
Biopolymers & Cell 23 (1), 14, 2007
Binding of Metallated Porphyrin-Imidazophenazine Conjugate to Tetramolecular Quadruplex Formed by Poly (G): a Spectroscopic Investigation
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Postsynthetic modification of oligonucleotides with imidazophenazine dye and its effect on duplex stability
L Dubey, O Ryazanova, V Zozulya, D Fedoryak, I Dubey
Nucleosides, Nucleotides and Nucleic Acids 30 (7-8), 585-596, 2011
Sensor based on molecularly imprinted polymer membranes and smartphone for detection of Fusarium contamination in cereals
T Sergeyeva, D Yarynka, L Dubey, I Dubey, E Piletska, R Linnik, ...
Sensors 20 (15), 4304, 2020
Interaction of a tricationic meso-substituted porphyrin with guanine-containing polyribonucleotides of various structures
O Ryazanova, V Zozulya, I Voloshin, A Glamazda, I Dubey, L Dubey, ...
Methods and applications in fluorescence 4 (3), 034005, 2016
Onium salts as coupling reagents in the preparation of silica polymer supports for oligo-nucleotide synthesis
LV Dubey, D IYa
Ukr Bioorg Acta 1 (1-2), 23-8, 2004
Spectroscopic studies on binding of porphyrin-phenazine conjugate to four-stranded poly (G)
O Ryazanova, V Zozulya, I Voloshin, L Dubey, I Dubey, V Karachevtsev
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Spectroscopic study on the effect of imidazophenazine tethered to 5′-end of pentadecathymidilate on stability of poly (dA)·(dT) 15 duplex
O Ryazanova, L Dubey, I Dubey, V Zozulya
Journal of fluorescence 22 (6), 1431-1439, 2012
Selective Recognition of Bifunctional Molecules by Synthetic Polymers Prepared by Covalent Molecular Imprinting
L Dubey, I Chianella, I Dubey, E Piletska, M J Whitcombe, S Piletsky
The Open Analytical Chemistry Journal 6 (1), 2012
Studying the interaction
of 2′-5′-oligoadenylate and their analogues with proteins by fluorescence spectroscopy
ZY Tkachuk, LV Dubey, VV Tkachuk, LV Tkachuk, MY Losytskyy, ...
Ukr. Biokhim. J. 83 (1), 45-53, 2011
The effect of 2'–5'-oligoadenylates on calcium binding to Calmodulin. 17th Int
Z Tkachuk, I Dubey, L Tkachuk, L Dubey, S Shlykov, L Babich
Symp on Ca2+-Binding Proteins and Calcium Function in Health and Disease 41, 2011
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