Prof. Dr. Ghassan Omet
Prof. Dr. Ghassan Omet
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The capital structure choice in tax contrasting environments: evidence from the Jordanian, Kuwaiti, Omani and Saudi corporate sectors
G Omet, F Mashharawe
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External debt and economic growth in Jordan: The threshold effect
AI Maghyereh, G Omet
Available at SSRN 317541, 2002
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Electronic trading and market efficiency in an emerging market: The case of the Jordanian capital market
A Maghyereh
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G Omet
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The Determinant of firm investment: the case of listed Jordanian Industrial Companies
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Available at SSRN 2682898, 2015
On the performance of alternative portfolio selection models
G Omet
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Determinants of capital structure in various circumstances: Could they be similar?
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The fiscal impact of aid in the case of the Jordanian economy
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The Association between Systematic Risk and Debt-to-Equity Ratio in Amman Financial Market
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On the Entry of Foreign Banks: The Jordanian Experience
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G Omet
Second Singapore International Conference on Finance, 2008
Dividend policy in the Jordanian capital market: empirical findings and survey results
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Second International Finance Conference, 13-15, 2003
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