Alexey Sobisevich
Alexey Sobisevich
Head of the Lab., Institute of Physics of the Earth, Russian Academy of Sciences
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Recent Volcanism in the Territory of Russia
NP Laverov
Nauka, Moscow, 2005
Deep structure of the Mt. Karabetov mud volcano
AL Sobissevitch, AV Gorbatikov, AN Ovsuchenko
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On magnetic precursors of earthquakes
OD Zotov, AV Guglielmi, AL Sobisevich
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Observations of ultra-low-frequency geomagnetic disturbances reflecting the processes of the preparation and development of tsunamigenic earthquakes
LE Sobisevich, KK Kanonidi, AL Sobisevich
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Ultra low-frequency electromagnetic disturbances appearing before strong seismic events
LE Sobisevich, KK Kanonidi, AL Sobisevich
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Specific features of the repeated impulse action on resonance systems
VV Deryushev, SM Seleznev, AL Sobisevich
Doklady Earth Sciences 369, 1176-1178, 1999
Nonlinear model of a granulated medium containing viscous fluid layers and gas cavities
OV Rudenko, AL Sobisevich, LE Sobisevich, CM Hedberg, NV Shamaev
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Instrumental equipment of geophysical observatory at North Caucasus
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Seismic Instruments 44 (1), 12-25, 2008
Anomalous geomagnetic disturbances induced by catastrophic tsunamigenic earthquakes in the region of Indonesia
LE Sobisevich, AL Sobisevich, KK Kanonidi
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Model of the geoacoustic tomography based on surface-type waves
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Enhancement of energy and Q-factor of a nonlinear resonator with an increase in its losses
OV Rudenko, AL Sobisevich, LE Sobisevich, CM Hedberg
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Feasibility of using molecular-electronic seismometers in passive seismic prospecting: Deep structure of the Kaluga ring structure from microseismic sounding
VI Gorbenko, RA Zhostkov, DV Likhodeev, DA Presnov, AL Sobisevich
Seismic Instruments 53 (3), 181-191, 2017
On the relationship between recent tectonic processes and mud volcanism by the example of Mt. Karabetov, Taman Peninsula
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Foreshocks of strong earthquakes
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Endogennye opasnosti Bol’shogo Kavkaza
EA Rogozhin, AN Ovsyuchenko, AI Lutikov, LE Sobisevich, AL Sobisevich, ...
The Endogenous Hazards in the Greater Caucasus), Moscow: IFZ RAN, 2014
Thermal anomalies of the Northern Caucasus
YP Masurenkov, AL Sobisevich, DV Likhodeev, AV Shevchenko
Doklady Earth Sciences 429 (1), 1318-1321, 2009
Development of the model of the deep structure of Akhtyr flexure-fracture zone and Shugo mud volcano
AV Gorbatikov, AL Sobisevich, AN Ovsyuchenko
Doklady Earth Sciences 421 (2), 969-973, 2008
Experience of vibroseismic sounding of complex geological structures (with the Shugo mud volcano as an example)
BM Glinskii, AL Sobisevich, MS Khairetdinov
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Nonlinear dynamics of slope flows: Simple models and exact solutions
OV Rudenko, AL Sobisevich, LE Sobisevich
Doklady Earth Sciences 416 (1), 1109-1113, 2007
Nonlinear response of a layer to pulse action in diagnostics of small inhomogeneities
OV Rudenko, LE Sobisevich, AL Sobisevich, CM Hedberg
Doklady Physics 45 (9), 485-488, 2000
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