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dani dordevic
University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences Brno
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Toxicity of hydrogen sulfide toward sulfate-reducing bacteria Desulfovibrio piger Vib-7
I Kushkevych, D Dordević, M Vítězová
Archives of microbiology 201 (3), 389-397, 2019
Cross-correlation analysis of the Desulfovibrio growth parameters of intestinal species isolated from people with colitis
I Kushkevych, D Dordević, M Vítězová, P Kollár
Biologia 73 (11), 1137-1143, 2018
Analysis of pH dose-dependent growth of sulfate-reducing bacteria
I Kushkevych, D Dordević, M Vítězová
Open Medicine 14 (1), 66-74, 2019
Furcellaran/gelatin hydrolysate/rosemary extract composite films as active and intelligent packaging materials
S Jancikova, E Jamróz, P Kulawik, J Tkaczewska, D Dordevic
International journal of biological macromolecules 131, 19-28, 2019
Analysis of physiological parameters of Desulfovibrio strains from individuals with colitis
I Kushkevych, D Dordević, P Kollár
Open Life Sciences 13 (1), 481-488, 2019
Hydrogen sulfide as a toxic product in the small–large intestine axis and its role in IBD development
I Kushkevych, D Dordević, P Kollar, M Vítězová, L Drago
Journal of clinical medicine 8 (7), 1054, 2019
Hydrogen Sulfide Effects on the Survival of Lactobacilli with Emphasis on the Development of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases
I Kushkevych, V Kotrsová, D Dordević, L Buňková, M Vítězová, A Amedei
Biomolecules 9 (12), 752, 2019
The Sulfate-Reducing Microbial Communities and Meta-Analysis of Their Occurrence during Diseases of Small–Large Intestine Axis
I Kushkevych, O Leščanová, D Dordević, S Jančíková, J Hošek, ...
Journal of Clinical Medicine 8 (10), 1656, 2019
Acetogenic microorganisms in operating biogas plants depending on substrate combinations
I Kushkevych, E Kobzová, M Vítězová, T Vítěz, D Dordević, M Bartoš
Biologia 74 (9), 1229-1236, 2019
Heavy metal contamination, microbiological spoilage and biogenic amine content in sushi available on the Polish market
P Kulawik, D Dordevic, F Gambuś, K Szczurowska, M Zając
Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 98 (7), 2809-2815, 2018
Hydrogen sulfide toxicity in the gut environment: Meta-analysis of sulfate-reducing and lactic acid bacteria in inflammatory processes
D Dordević, S Jančíková, M Vítězová, I Kushkevych
Journal of Advanced Research, 2020
Recent Advances in Metabolic Pathways of Sulfate Reduction in Intestinal Bacteria
I Kushkevych, J Cejnar, J Treml, D Dordević, P Kollar, M Vítězová
Cells 9 (3), 698, 2020
Nanocomposite Furcellaran Films—the Influence of Nanofillers on Functional Properties of Furcellaran Films and Effect on Linseed Oil Preservation
E Jamróz, P Kopel, J Tkaczewska, D Dordevic, S Jancikova, P Kulawik, ...
Polymers 11 (12), 2046, 2019
Substitution of sodium chloride by salt microspheres in dough: Effect on dough rheological properties
M Král, M Pospiech, H Běhalová, D Dordevic, M Ošťádalová, B Tremlová, ...
Journal of texture studies 49 (4), 456-463, 2018
Possible synergy effect of hydrogen sulfide and acetate produced by sulfate-reducing bacteria on inflammatory bowel disease development
I Kushkevych, D Dordević, M Vítězová
Journal of Advanced Research, 2020
Estimation of amino acids profile and escolar fish consumption risks due to biogenic amines content fluctuations in vacuum skin packaging/VSP during cold storage
Đ Đorđević, H Buchtova, I Borkovcova
LWT-Food Science and Technology 66, 657-663, 2016
Analysis of chemical and sensory parameters in different kinds of escolar (Lepidocybium flavobrunneum) products
H Buchtova, Đ ĐORĐEVIć, S Kočárek, P Chomat
Czech Journal of Food Sciences 33 (4), 346-353, 2015
Occurrence of thermophilic microorganisms in different full scale biogas plants
I Kushkevych, J Cejnar, M Vítězová, T Vítěz, D Dordević, YJ Bomble
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 21 (1), 283, 2020
Effect of gelling agents on color characteristics of fruit jams
S Jancikova
Iraqi Journal of Agricultural Science 50 (2), 675-688, 2019
The possibility of using spent coffee grounds to improve wastewater treatment due to respiration activity of microorganisms
M Vítězová, S Jančiková, D Dordević, T Vítěz, J Elbl, N Hanišáková, ...
Applied Sciences 9 (15), 3155, 2019
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