Ana IL Namburete
Ana IL Namburete
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Computational methods for quantifying in vivo muscle fascicle curvature from ultrasound images
AIL Namburete, M Rana, JM Wakeling
Journal of biomechanics 44 (14), 2538-2543, 2011
Learning-based prediction of gestational age from ultrasound images of the fetal brain
AIL Namburete, RV Stebbing, B Kemp, M Yaqub, AT Papageorghiou, ...
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The effect of external compression on the mechanics of muscle contraction
JM Wakeling, M Jackman, AI Namburete
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Fully-automated alignment of 3D fetal brain ultrasound to a canonical reference space using multi-task learning
AIL Namburete, W Xie, M Yaqub, A Zisserman, JA Noble
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Fetal cranial segmentation in 2D ultrasound images using shape properties of pixel clusters
AIL Namburete, JA Noble
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Data-driven shape parameterization for segmentation of the right ventricle from 3D+ t echocardiography
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Regional variations in fascicle curvatures within a muscle belly change during contraction
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R Huang, JA Noble, AIL Namburete
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Nakagami-based AdaBoost learning framework for detection of anatomical landmarks in 2D fetal neurosonograms
AIL Namburete, B Rahmatullah, JA Noble
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Predicting pixel defect rates based on image sensor parameters
GH Chapman, J Leung, A Namburete, I Koren, Z Koren
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Projecting the rate of in-field pixel defects based on pixel size, sensor area, and ISO
GH Chapman, J Leung, R Thomas, A Namburete, Z Koren, I Koren
Sensors, Cameras, and Systems for Industrial and Scientific Applications …, 2012
Predicting fetal neurodevelopmental age from ultrasound images
AIL Namburete, M Yaqub, B Kemp, AT Papageorghiou, JA Noble
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Diagnostic Plane Extraction from 3D Parametric Surface of the Fetal Cranium.
AIL Namburete, RV Stebbing, JA Noble
MIUA, 27-32, 2014
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Multi-channel groupwise registration to construct an ultrasound-specific fetal brain atlas
AIL Namburete, R van Kampen, AT Papageorghiou, BW Papież
Data Driven Treatment Response Assessment and Preterm, Perinatal, and …, 2018
Robust regression of brain maturation from 3d fetal neurosonography using crns
AIL Namburete, W Xie, JA Noble
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Spatial warping network for 3D segmentation of the hippocampus in MR images
NK Dinsdale, M Jenkinson, AIL Namburete
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Learning to segment key clinical anatomical structures in fetal neurosonography informed by a region-based descriptor
R Huang, A Namburete, A Noble
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Low-Memory CNNs Enabling Real-Time Ultrasound Segmentation Towards Mobile Deployment.
S Vaze, W Xie, A Namburete
IEEE journal of biomedical and health informatics, 2020
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