Geir Bjorklund
Geir Bjorklund
Council for Nutritional and Environmental Medicine
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The toxicology of mercury: Current research and emerging trends
G Bjørklund, M Dadar, J Mutter, J Aaseth
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Role of oxidative stress and antioxidants in daily nutrition and human health
G Bjørklund, S Chirumbolo
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Vitamin D status in autism spectrum disorders and the efficacy of vitamin D supplementation in autistic children
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The role of zinc and copper in autism spectrum disorders
G Bjørklund
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Nano-selenium and its nanomedicine applications: a critical review
B Hosnedlova, M Kepinska, S Skalickova, C Fernandez, ...
International journal of nanomedicine 13, 2107, 2018
Individual risk management strategy and potential therapeutic options for the COVID-19 pandemic
A Gasmi, S Noor, T Tippairote, M Dadar, A Menzel, G Bjørklund
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Immune dysfunction and neuroinflammation in autism spectrum disorder.
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The role of cadmium in obesity and diabetes
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Molecular interaction between mercury and selenium in neurotoxicity
G Bjørklund, J Aaseth, OP Ajsuvakova, AA Nikonorov, AV Skalny, ...
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Interactions of iron with manganese, zinc, chromium, and selenium as related to prophylaxis and treatment of iron deficiency
G Bjørklund, J Aaseth, AV Skalny, J Suliburska, MG Skalnaya, ...
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Concentrations of arsenic and lead in rice (Oryza sativa L.) in Iran: a systematic review and carcinogenic risk assessment
Y Fakhri, G Bjørklund, AM Bandpei, S Chirumbolo, H Keramati, RH Pouya, ...
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Serum copper and zinc levels in individuals with autism spectrum disorders
S Li, J Wang, G Bjørklund, W Zhao, C Yin
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Metals and Parkinson's disease: mechanisms and biochemical processes
G Bjorklund, V Stejskal, MA Urbina, M Dadar, S Chirumbolo, J Mutter
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The role of vitamin D in the immune system as a pro-survival molecule
S Chirumbolo, G Bjørklund, A Sboarina, A Vella
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Manganese exposure and neurotoxic effects in children
G Bjørklund, MS Chartrand, J Aaseth
Environmental research 155, 380-384, 2017
Levels of metals in the blood and specific porphyrins in the urine in children with autism spectrum disorders
M Macedoni-Lukšič, D Gosar, G Bjørklund, J Oražem, J Kodrič, ...
Biological trace element research 163 (1), 2-10, 2015
How important is tryptophan in human health?
J Kałużna-Czaplińska, P Gątarek, S Chirumbolo, MS Chartrand, ...
Critical reviews in food science and nutrition 59 (1), 72-88, 2019
Metal-induced inflammation triggers fibromyalgia in metal-allergic patients
V Stejskal, K Öckert, G Bjørklund
Neuroendocrinology Letters 34 (6), 559-65, 2013
A systematic review and meta-analysis of metal concentrations in canned tuna fish in Iran and human health risk assessment
J Rahmani, Y Fakhri, A Shahsavani, Z Bahmani, MA Urbina, ...
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Evidence supporting a link between dental amalgams and chronic illness, fatigue, depression, anxiety, and suicide
JK Kern, DA Geier, G Bjørklund, PG King, KG Homme, BE Haley, ...
Neuroendocrinology Letters 35 (7), 535-552, 2014
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