Gregory A. Gambetta
Gregory A. Gambetta
Professor of Viticulture, Institut des Sciences de la Vigne et du Vin / Bordeaux Sciences Agro
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Water deficits accelerate ripening and induce changes in gene expression regulating flavonoid biosynthesis in grape berries
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Genetic engineering of phytochrome biosynthesis in bacteria
GA Gambetta, JC Lagarias
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Lateral Root Initiation in Arabidopsis: Developmental Window, Spatial Patterning, Density and Predictability
JG Dubrovsky, GA Gambetta, A Hernández-Barrera, S Shishkova, ...
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Impact of diurnal temperature variation on grape berry development, proanthocyanidin accumulation, and the expression of flavonoid pathway genes
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Vascular function in grape berries across development and its relevance to apparent hydraulic isolation
B Choat, GA Gambetta, KA Shackel, MA Matthews
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Evidence for hydraulic vulnerability segmentation and lack of xylem refilling under tension
G Charrier, JM Torres-Ruiz, E Badel, R Burlett, B Choat, H Cochard, ...
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Selective sweep at the Rpv3 locus during grapevine breeding for downy mildew resistance
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The relationship between root hydraulics and scion vigour across Vitis rootstocks: what role do root aquaporins play?
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Journal of experimental botany 63 (18), 6445-6455, 2012
Water uptake along the length of grapevine fine roots: developmental anatomy, tissue-specific aquaporin expression, and pathways of water transport
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Fruit ripening in Vitis vinifera: spatiotemporal relationships among turgor, sugar accumulation, and anthocyanin biosynthesis
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Expansion and subfunctionalisation of flavonoid 3', 5'-hydroxylases in the grapevine lineage
L Falginella, SD Castellarin, R Testolin, GA Gambetta, M Morgante, ...
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Characterization of major ripening events during softening in grape: turgor, sugar accumulation, abscisic acid metabolism, colour development, and their relationship with growth
SD Castellarin, GA Gambetta, H Wada, MN Krasnow, GR Cramer, ...
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Water uptake and transport in vascular plants
AJ McElrone, B Choat, GA Gambetta, CR Brodersen
Nature Education Knowledge 4 (6), 2013
Drought will not leave your glass empty: Low risk of hydraulic failure revealed by long-term drought observations in world’s top wine regions
G Charrier, S Delzon, JC Domec, L Zhang, CEL Delmas, I Merlin, D Corso, ...
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The influence of grapevine rootstocks on scion growth and drought resistance
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Leaf scorch symptoms are not correlated with bacterial populations during Pierce's disease
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Aquaporins and root water uptake
GA Gambetta, T Knipfer, W Fricke, AJ McElrone
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Water transport properties of the grape pedicel during fruit development: insights into xylem anatomy and function using microtomography
T Knipfer, J Fei, GA Gambetta, AJ McElrone, KA Shackel, MA Matthews
Plant Physiology 168 (4), 1590-1602, 2015
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