Alexandr Sadovnikov
Alexandr Sadovnikov
PhD Saratov State University, Magnetic metamaterials laboratory
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Magnonics: a new research area in spintronics and spin wave electronics
SA Nikitov, DV Kalyabin, IV Lisenkov, A Slavin, YN Barabanenkov, ...
Physics-Uspekhi 58 (10), 1002, 2015
Nanoconstriction-based spin-Hall nano-oscillator
VE Demidov, S Urazhdin, A Zholud, AV Sadovnikov, SO Demokritov
Applied Physics Letters 105 (17), 172410, 2014
Towards graded-index magnonics: Steering spin waves in magnonic networks
CS Davies, A Francis, AV Sadovnikov, SV Chertopalov, MT Bryan, ...
Physical Review B 92 (2), 020408, 2015
Magnon straintronics: Reconfigurable spin-wave routing in strain-controlled bilateral magnetic stripes
AV Sadovnikov, AA Grachev, SE Sheshukova, YP Sharaevskii, ...
Physical review letters 120 (25), 257203, 2018
Spin-current nano-oscillator based on nonlocal spin injection
VE Demidov, S Urazhdin, A Zholud, AV Sadovnikov, AN Slavin, ...
Scientific reports 5 (1), 1-5, 2015
Voltage-controlled spin-wave coupling in adjacent ferromagnetic-ferroelectric heterostructures
AV Sadovnikov, AA Grachev, EN Beginin, SE Sheshukova, ...
Physical Review Applied 7 (1), 014013, 2017
Toward nonlinear magnonics: Intensity-dependent spin-wave switching in insulating side-coupled magnetic stripes
AV Sadovnikov, SA Odintsov, EN Beginin, SE Sheshukova, ...
Physical Review B 96 (14), 144428, 2017
Magnonic beam splitter: The building block of parallel magnonic circuitry
AV Sadovnikov, CS Davies, SV Grishin, VV Kruglyak, DV Romanenko, ...
Applied Physics Letters 106 (19), 192406, 2015
Directional multimode coupler for planar magnonics: Side-coupled magnetic stripes
AV Sadovnikov, EN Beginin, SE Sheshukova, DV Romanenko, ...
Applied Physics Letters 107 (20), 202405, 2015
Spin wave propagation in a uniformly biased curved magnonic waveguide
AV Sadovnikov, CS Davies, VV Kruglyak, DV Romanenko, SV Grishin, ...
Physical Review B 96 (6), 060401, 2017
Route toward semiconductor magnonics: Light-induced spin-wave nonreciprocity in a YIG/GaAs structure
AV Sadovnikov, EN Beginin, SE Sheshukova, YP Sharaevskii, AI Stognij, ...
Physical Review B 99 (5), 054424, 2019
Nonlinear spin wave coupling in adjacent magnonic crystals
AV Sadovnikov, EN Beginin, MA Morozova, YP Sharaevskii, SV Grishin, ...
Applied Physics Letters 109 (4), 042407, 2016
Dipolar field-induced spin-wave waveguides for spin-torque magnonics
VE Demidov, S Urazhdin, A Zholud, AV Sadovnikov, SO Demokritov
Applied Physics Letters 106 (2), 022403, 2015
Multimode propagation of magnetostatic waves in a width-modulated yttrium-iron-garnet waveguide
SE Sheshukova, EN Beginin, AV Sadovnikov, YP Sharaevsky, SA Nikitov
IEEE Magnetics Letters 5, 1-4, 2014
Spin-wave drop filter based on asymmetric side-coupled magnonic crystals
AV Sadovnikov, VA Gubanov, SE Sheshukova, YP Sharaevskii, ...
Physical Review Applied 9 (5), 051002, 2018
Frequency selective tunable spin wave channeling in the magnonic network
AV Sadovnikov, EN Beginin, SA Odincov, SE Sheshukova, ...
Applied Physics Letters 108 (17), 172411, 2016
Pinning and hysteresis in the field dependent diameter evolution of skyrmions in Pt/Co/Ir superlattice stacks
K Zeissler, M Mruczkiewicz, S Finizio, J Raabe, PM Shepley, ...
Scientific reports 7 (1), 1-9, 2017
Generation of propagating spin waves from regions of increased dynamic demagnetising field near magnetic antidots
CS Davies, AV Sadovnikov, SV Grishin, YP Sharaevskii, SA Nikitov, ...
Applied Physics Letters 107 (16), 162401, 2015
Brillouin light scattering study of transverse mode coupling in confined yttrium iron garnet/barium strontium titanate multiferroic
AV Sadovnikov, EN Beginin, KV Bublikov, SV Grishin, SE Sheshukova, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 118 (20), 203906, 2015
Spin-wave intermodal coupling in the interconnection of magnonic units
AV Sadovnikov, AA Grachev, VA Gubanov, SA Odintsov, AA Martyshkin, ...
Applied Physics Letters 112 (14), 142402, 2018
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