Ebrahim Amiri
Ebrahim Amiri
Associate Professor, University of New Orleans
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A novel equivalent circuit model of linear induction motors considering static and dynamic end effects
E Amiri, EA Mendrela
IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 50 (3), 120-128, 2013
On the role of magnetic shunts for increasing performance of transverse flux machines
O Dobzhanskyi, R Gouws, E Amiri
IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 53 (2), 1-8, 2016
3-D space modeling of rotary-linear induction motor with twin-armature
E Amiri, P Gottipati, EA Mendrela
2011 1st International Conference on Electrical Energy Systems, 203-206, 2011
Modeling dynamic end effects in rotary armature of rotary-linear induction motor
E Amiri, M Jagiela, O Dobzhanski, E Mendrela
2013 International Electric Machines & Drives Conference, 1088-1091, 2013
Axial-flux PM disk generator with magnetic gear for oceanic wave energy harvesting
O Dobzhanskyi, E Hossain, E Amiri, R Gouws, V Grebenikov, ...
IEEE Access 7, 44813-44822, 2019
Analytical modelling and optimisation of line start LSPM synchronous motors
MM Ghahfarokhi, AD Aliabad, ST Boroujeni, E Amiri, VZ Faradonbeh
IET Electric Power Applications 14 (3), 398-408, 2020
Circuit modeling of double-armature rotary-linear induction motor
E Amiri
IECON 2014-40th Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society …, 2014
A probabilistic approach for human safety evaluation of grounding grids in the transient regime
E Amiri, SHH Sadeghi, R Moini
IEEE transactions on power delivery 27 (2), 945-952, 2012
Analysis of PM transverse-flux outer rotor machines with different configuration
O Dobzhanskyi, R Gouws, E Amiri
IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications 53 (5), 4260-4268, 2017
Two-speed line start permanent magnet synchronous motor with dual magnetic polarity
F Ghoroghchian, AD Aliabad, E Amiri
IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications 54 (5), 4268-4277, 2018
Comparison analysis of electric motors with two degrees of mechanical freedom: PM synchronous motor vs induction motor
O Dobzhanskyi, E Amiri, R Gouws
2016 II International Young Scientists Forum on Applied Physics and …, 2016
Analytical modeling of slotted, surface-mounted permanent magnet synchronous motors with different rotor frames and magnet shapes
VZ Faradonbeh, A Rahideh, MM Ghahfarokhi, E Amiri, AD Aliabad, ...
IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 57 (1), 1-13, 2020
Design and analysis of line start synchronous reluctance motor with dual saliency
B Poudel, E Amiri, P Rastgoufard
2018 IEEE Transportation Electrification Conference and Expo (ITEC), 385-388, 2018
Toward less rare-earth permanent magnet in electric machines: A review
B Poudel, E Amiri, P Rastgoufard, B Mirafzal
IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, 2021
Switched reluctance motor topologies: A comprehensive review
MM Bouiabady, AD Aliabad, E Amiri
Switched reluctance motor-concept, control and applications, 2017
Line start permanent magnet synchronous motor with dual magnetic polarity
F Ghoroghchian, AD Aliabad, E Amiri, B Poudel
2017 IEEE International Electric Machines and Drives Conference (IEMDC), 1-6, 2017
Comparison analysis of PM transverse flux outer rotor machines with and without magnetic shunts
O Dobzhanskyi, R Gouws, E Amiri
2016 IEEE Energy Conversion Congress and Exposition (ECCE), 1-8, 2016
Dual-Pole Line Start Synchronous Machine With Consequent-Magnetic Poles
F Mahdavi, AD Aliabad, E Amiri, F Ghoroghchian
IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion 35 (3), 1648-1657, 2020
Design improvement of dual‐pole LSPM synchronous motor
F Ghoroghchian, A Damaki Aliabad, E Amiri
IET Electric Power Applications 13 (6), 742-749, 2019
Optimal switching-flux motor design and its cogging effect reduction
O Dobzhanskyi, R Gouws, E Amiri
2017 IEEE 58th International Scientific Conference on Power and Electrical …, 2017
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