Mark Ziembicki
Mark Ziembicki
Research Scientist
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The disappearing mammal fauna of northern Australia: context, cause, and response
JCZ Woinarski, S Legge, JA Fitzsimons, BJ Traill, AA Burbidge, A Fisher, ...
Conservation Letters 4 (3), 192-201, 2011
Evaluating the status of species using Indigenous knowledge: Novel evidence for major native mammal declines in northern Australia
MR Ziembicki, JCZ Woinarski, B Mackey
Biological Conservation 157, 78-92, 2013
Temporal changes to spatially stratified waterbird communities of the Coorong, South Australia: implications for the management of heterogenous wetlands
DC Paton, DJ Rogers, BM Hill, CP Bailey, M Ziembicki
Animal Conservation 12 (5), 408-417, 2009
Stemming the tide: progress towards resolving the causes of decline and implementing management responses for the disappearing mammal fauna of northern Australia
MR Ziembicki, JCZ Woinarski, JK Webb, E Vanderduys, K Tuft, J Smith, ...
THERYA 6 (1), 169-225, 2015
The mammal fauna of the Sir Edward Pellew island group, Northern Territory, Australia: refuge and death-trap
JCZ Woinarski, S Ward, T Mahney, J Bradley, K Brennan, M Ziembicki, ...
Wildlife Research 38 (4), 307-322, 2011
State of the Tropics 2014 report
A Edelman, A Gelding, E Konovalov, R McComiskie, A Penny, N Roberts, ...
James Cook University, 2014
Disturbance distances for water birds and the management of human recreation with special reference to the Coorong region of South Australia
D Paton, M Ziembicki, P Owen, C Heddle
Australasian Waders Studies Group, 2000
Monitoring indicates greater resilience for birds than for mammals in Kakadu National Park, northern Australia
JCZ Woinarski, A Fisher, M Armstrong, K Brennan, AD Griffiths, B Hill, ...
Wildlife Research 39 (5), 397-407, 2012
Monitoring continental movement patterns of the Australian Bustard Ardeotis australis through community-based surveys and remote sensing
M Ziembicki, JCZ Woinarski
Pacific Conservation Biology 13 (2), 128-142, 2007
Distribution and abundance of migratory waders and their food in the estuarine areas of the Murray Mouth and patterns in the composition of sediments
D Paton, M Ziembicki, P Owen, B Hill, C Bailey
Australasian Waders Studies Group, 2000
Drastic decline in the translocated ultramarine lorikeet population on Fatu Iva, Marquesas Islands, French Polynesia
M Ziembicki, P Raust, C Blanvillain
Re-introduction NEWS 23, 17-18, 2003
Australian bustard
M Ziembicki
Ecology and movements of the Australian Bustard Ardeotis australis in a dynamic landscape.
M Ziembicki
Study of the link between migratory bird numbers in the Coorong region, the composition of their mudflat habitat and the available food supply
DC Paton, C Bailey, B Hill, T Lewis, M Ziembicki
Adelaide University, Adelaide, 2001
Island of opportunity: can New Guinea protect amphibians from a globally emerging pathogen?
DS Bower, KR Lips, Y Amepou, S Richards, C Dahl, E Nagombi, ...
Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 17 (6), 348-354, 2019
State of the Tropics 2017 Report: Sustainable infrastructure in the tropics
S Harding, D Trewin, A Penny, M Ziembicki, A Dale, TS Ustan, D Tan, ...
James Cook University, 2017
Status and conservation of the Vini lorikeets of French Polynesia
M Ziembicki, P Raust
Société d'Ornithologie de Polynesie, 2006
New host and distribution record of Pontobdella macrothela (Schmarda, 1861)(Annelida, Hirudinea) from a Grey Reef Shark, Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos (Bleeker, 1856), in …
CAK Daly, D Orrell, IM da Silva, JPF Macuio, TN Hempson, M Ziembicki, ...
Check List 15, 265, 2019
Implications of an expanding and intensifying tropical zone for the sustainable development agenda
M Ziembicki, S Lockie
GSDR Science Brief – 2016 Update, 2016
A framework for the development of ethno-ecological heritage stories on Cape York Peninsula
M Ziembicki
Queensland Department of Environment and Resource Management, 2010
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