Stavros-Richard Christopoulos
Stavros-Richard Christopoulos
Faculty of Engineering, Environment and Computing, Coventry University
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Detecting anomalies in time series data via a deep learning algorithm combining wavelets, neural networks and Hilbert transform
S Kanarachos, SRG Christopoulos, A Chroneos, ME Fitzpatrick
Expert Systems with Applications 85, 292-304, 2017
Smartphones as an integrated platform for monitoring driver behaviour: The role of sensor fusion and connectivity
S Kanarachos, SRG Christopoulos, A Chroneos
Transportation research part C: emerging technologies 95, 867-882, 2018
Natural time analysis of the centennial earthquake catalog
NV Sarlis, SRG Christopoulos
Chaos: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Science 22 (2), 023123, 2012
Experimental synthesis and density functional theory investigation of radiation tolerance of Zr3(Al1‐xSix)C2 MAX phases
E Zapata‐Solvas, SRG Christopoulos, N Ni, DC Parfitt, D Horlait, ...
Journal of the American Ceramic Society 100 (4), 1377-1387, 2017
Mechanical behavior, bonding nature and defect processes of Mo2ScAlC2: A new ordered MAX phase
MA Hadi, SH Naqib, SRG Christopoulos, A Chroneos, A Islam
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 724, 1167-1175, 2017
Physical properties and defect processes of M3SnC2 (M= Ti, Zr, Hf) MAX phases: Effect of M-elements
MA Hadi, SRG Christopoulos, SH Naqib, A Chroneos, ME Fitzpatrick, ...
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 748, 804-813, 2018
Intrinsic defect processes and elastic properties of Ti3AC2 (A = Al, Si, Ga, Ge, In, Sn) MAX phases
SRG Christopoulos, PP Filippatos, MA Hadi, N Kelaidis, ME Fitzpatrick, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 123 (2), 025103, 2018
Visualization of the significance of Receiver Operating Characteristics based on confidence ellipses
NV Sarlis, SRG Christopoulos
Computer Physics Communications 185 (3), 1172-1176, 2014
Hydrogen and nitrogen codoping of anatase TiO 2 for efficiency enhancement in organic solar cells
M Vasilopoulou, N Kelaidis, E Polydorou, A Soultati, D Davazoglou, ...
Scientific reports 7 (1), 1-11, 2017
Change ΔS of the entropy in natural time under time reversal: Complexity measures upon change of scale
NV Sarlis, SRG Christopoulos, MM Bemplidaki
EPL (Europhysics Letters) 109 (1), 18002, 2015
Learning driver braking behavior using smartphones, neural networks and the sliding correlation coefficient: Road anomaly case study
SRG Christopoulos, S Kanarachos, A Chroneos
IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems 20 (1), 65-74, 2018
Statistical significance of minimum of the order parameter fluctuations of seismicity before major earthquakes in Japan
NV Sarlis, ES Skordas, SRG Christopoulos, PA Varotsos
Pure and Applied Geophysics 173 (1), 165-172, 2016
A roadmap of strain in doped anatase TiO 2
N Kelaidis, A Kordatos, SRG Christopoulos, A Chroneos
Scientific reports 8 (1), 1-8, 2018
Identifying the occurrence time of an impending mainshock: a very recent case
PA Varotsos, NV Sarlis, ES Skordas, SRG Christopoulos, ...
Earthquake Science 28 (3), 215-222, 2015
Thermodynamic calculations of oxygen self-diffusion in mixed-oxide nuclear fuels
DC Parfitt, MWD Cooper, MJD Rushton, SRG Christopoulos, ...
RSC advances 6 (78), 74018-74027, 2016
Minima of the fluctuations of the order parameter of global seismicity
NV Sarlis, SRG Christopoulos, ES Skordas
Chaos: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Science 25 (6), 063110, 2015
312 MAX Phases: Elastic properties and lithiation
PP Filippatos, MA Hadi, SRG Christopoulos, A Kordatos, N Kelaidis, ...
Materials 12 (24), 4098, 2019
An application of the coherent noise model for the prediction of aftershock magnitude time series
SRG Christopoulos, NV Sarlis
Complexity 2017, 2017
Natural Time Analysis: The Area under the Receiver Operating Characteristic Curve of the Order Parameter Fluctuations Minima Preceding Major Earthquakes
NV Sarlis, ES Skordas, SRG Christopoulos, PA Varotsos
Entropy 22 (5), 583, 2020
Impact of isovalent doping on the formation of the CiOi (SiI) n defects in silicon
SRG Christopoulos, EN Sgourou, RV Vovk, A Chroneos, CA Londos
Solid State Communications 263, 19-22, 2017
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